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The Healing Power of Pets for Veterans

Read on to learn the healing power of pets for veterans.

Pets are such a special part of the family dynamic. No matter the size, age, or breed of your furry friend they are a valuable family member. Naturally, pets have an impact and leave a lasting impression on everyone they encounter, including service members. Without a doubt, animal companionship is incredibly valuable and beneficial for all veterans. Read on to learn more about the healing power of pets for veterans and the unique relationship of the human-pet bond.

The incredible power of pets for veterans

Discover how the healing power of pets for veterans can change a life.

The healing power of pets on Trupanion team members

Pets have made an impact on Trupanion team members who have served in the armed forces. Click to see how pets have helped team members while on active duty and in their civilian life.

Unconditional love

Your pets are loyal and loving animals. They have the ability to love unconditionally and are always there when you need them. While your furry friend’s devotion may benefit any family member, the love and support of pets for veterans may help provide a resource like no other. Further, the love that pets provide can help heal a service member transitioning back to civilian life.

Never-ending support

Whenever you need help, your pet is always there. For instance, your pet knows when you’ve had a hard day or you just need a hug. Naturally, they’re there for the big to small moments, and you always know they are there for you. In essence, there is no support like that of your furry family member. Further, the support a pet can provide a veteran is different than anyone else. Even if you just need someone to sit with you, a pet will never waiver and will always be there by your side.

Lifetime friendship

Your pets are some of the best friends you may have during your life. While having meaningful friendships are important to everyone, a pet for a veteran can provide an invaluable relationship that only a pet is able to provide. In addition, the human-pet bond is such a unique friendship – there is nothing like the friendship of your dog or cat!

Pets for veterans: a friendship like no other

For veterans returning back to civilian life may have challenges. At the end of the day – you have a best friend waiting for you and they’re ready to help you with whatever obstacle may be in your path. In addition, when you have a dog or cat as your best friend, you have an unlimited amount of love, support, and friendship for a lifetime.

How has the love of a pet impacted your life?

To learn more about the impact service dogs have on veterans, Read A Salute to Service: Providing On-going Care for Our Veterans

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