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Nine Thanksgiving Dog Names for Your Best Friend

Read on to learn more about Thanksgiving dog names for your furry friend.

The holidays are here! And what a better way to celebrate the giving season, than picking a Thanksgiving dog name for your furry friend. Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to gather, celebrate, share thanks, and tell stories over a nice meal. Without a doubt, food is a popular shared activity during the holidays. With 500,000 Trupanion pets in our database, over 1,320 pets just happen to be inspired by Thanksgiving. Read on to learn which Thanksgiving dog names top the list and which to consider for your new best friend.

Nine Thanksgiving dog names that are puppy approved

Discover these ten Thanksgiving dog names fit for any new puppy in your home.

1. Cinnamon

The smell of Cinnamon is a popular scent in homes during fall. With 530 Trupanion dogs named Cinnamon, we certainly think your home just got a bit sweeter.

2. Pumpkin

Although Halloween is over, Pumpkin is a top pick when it comes to Thanksgiving dog names. With 501 Trupanion dogs named Pumpkin, we can see how fall’s favorite seasonal treat could inspire your furry friend’s name.

3. Apple

We’re not surprised the apple of your eye is your pet! With 181 Trupanion dogs named Apple, they really seem to be the core of the family.

4. Maize

Thanksgiving is a time for family traditions. A traditional dish around the holiday table is maize (otherwise known as corn) and is often a cornerstone in family homes. With 43 Trupanion dogs named Maize, we certainly love the idea of furry family members being a part of holiday traditions.

5. Cranberry

Everyone loves something sweet around the holidays. So with 18 Trupanion dogs named Cranberry, you are sure to have a sweet furry family member waiting for you to come home.

6. Sweet Potato

Move over potato, because the sweet potato is here to stay. And with 17 Trupanion dogs named Sweet Potato, we would choose this best friend over any other spud’ in the squad.

7. Green Bean

A popular casserole dish on family dinner tables, Green Bean also happens to be a common name for the family dog. With four Trupanion dogs named Green Bean, naturally, this furry family member has become a staple in homes.

8. Stuffing

A classic addition to any table, so it’s no surprise it has inspired Trupanion pet owners. With five Trupanion dogs named Stuffing, we certainly would love to spend more quality time playing with these furry friends.

9. Yams

Often mistaken for sweet potatoes, yams are a dish of their very own. So with 11 Trupanion dogs named Yams, we understand the need for a unique name for your furry friend.

Celebrate the season and take inspiration from Thanksgiving. Consider giving furry friend a Thanksgiving dog name.

Thanksgiving dog names: thankful addition to the family

The Thanksgiving season is about coming together and celebrating those that are in your lives. Naturally, a thanksgiving dog name is a great addition to any new furry family member you have in your home. Whether you have a mixed breed dog or a Shih Tzu, a dog is a great addition to your life.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving inspired name for your pet?

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