Six Family Dog Breeds that Make Great Best Friends
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Six Family Dog Breeds that Make Great Best Friends

Check out the family dog breeds list for your next best friend.

Dogs make great companions. From vacations and adventures to cuddles on the couch, your dog is a valuable member of the family. We all have favorites, but when you are considering extending your family which family dog breeds top your list? We asked our readers about their favorite breeds and we’re happy to unveil some of your picks for the ideal family dog breeds.

Six family dog breeds that can be fun additions to any home

1. Greyhound

Family dog breed to consider - a greyhound.

Known for its ability to cuddle or enjoy a run outdoors, the Greyhound loves spending time with their family. Whether they are on a hike or resting, a Greyhound can make a wonderful addition to your family.

2. Dachshund

A Dachshund is a fun family dog breed to consider.

If you’re looking to add a funny and loyal side-kick to the family, consider a Dachshund. This affectionate and energetic pint-sized pup can be sassy and the life of the party. Also, there are different coat options for Dachshunds, like a Miniature Long-haired Dachshund or a Miniature Smooth-haired Dachshund.

3. Cavalier King Charles

Family dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes like a Cavalier King Charles.

The Cavalier King Charles is a devoted and friendly furry friend. Fortunately, you can often find this pup snuggling on a lap or enjoying some quality time with the family.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier is one of many family dog breeds that made the list.

If you’re looking for a loveable and feisty breed, the Yorkshire Terrier may be a wonderful addition to your family. In addition, this cute dog breed is curious and may like apartment living.

5. Poodle

Family dog breeds can be fluffy, short-haired or something in between. A Poodle makes a great best friend.

Active and ready for adventure, a Poodle might be your next new best friend. Also, with very little shedding and a fun-loving personality, Poodles could be the perfect buddy to hit the road for vacation.

6. Mixed-breed

A mixed-breed dog is popular and wonderful consideration on the family dog breeds list.

A mixed-breed dog is a mix of one or more breeds. What is interesting about a mixed breed is the unique personality traits and quirks that can embody them. Naturally, if you choose to bring a mixed breed dog into your home, you’re bound to have a special and lifetime companion.

Rescues and responsible dog breeders

The importance of a responsible dog breeder is the health and safety of your new pet. We always recommend you do proper research when you’re choosing a breeder. In addition, a breeder isn’t the only way to get a new dog. Naturally, you can also get your new puppy from a local shelter or a breed-specific rescue organization.

all dogs make great family dog breeds to consider as your next furry family member.

All dogs are special and unique for families

Whether you want a small dog breed or a mixed-breed dog, all breeds may make a wonderful family companion. When you are choosing your new family member, take into consideration your lifestyle. With training, patience, and the guidance and expertise of your veterinarian, any dog can become a welcome addition to your home.

What are some of your favorite dog breeds?

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