Meet the Miracle Puppy Ione and the Medical Treatment that Saved Her
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Meet the Miracle Puppy Ione and the Medical Treatment that Saved Her

Read on to learn more about miracle puppy Ione and the medical treatment that saved her.

I needed a puppy.

My daughter was off to Panama and the dreaded “empty nest” had taken root in my gut. She was happily playing in rainforests and oceans, and although I was happy to see her off to do great things I knew that without redirecting my affections I would slip into loneliness.

I searched and found, the perfect pup, incredibly docile and affectionate.

Yet when I placed my hand on her chest, her heartbeat seemed inconsistent. Sent from one veterinarian to another, it was clear that my Ione (“eye-own-ee”) had a congenital heart condition that would result in a painful death within a year should she not have a surgery that could cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

I called Trupanion to ensure her treatment would be covered, and cried after discovering EVERYTHING was! We would be able to send her to one of the best veterinarian surgeons in the country.

Ione made fast friends with everyone she met, and her surgery resulted in such immediate success that her case will be used to educate future veterinarians for years to come. We gave her the middle name of “Mira” (short for a miracle).

Just twelve weeks ago I took her home weighing under 9 pounds.

Today she weighs in at a healthy 30 pounds! With every call I have made to Trupanion I have asked “is so-and-so nearby? Please let him/her know our babe is well!”

Photos have been exchanged, tears have been shed, hugs traded between staff members, and laughs shared at her newfound antics as a healthy pup.

Miracle puppy Ione - healthy and happy after her heart surgery.

Trupanion has been an integral champion in a team of many who’ve saved the life of our little miracle puppy. We are fur-ever grateful!

-Jen J.


  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Date enrolled: July 2019
  • Condition: Heart PDA
  • The Trupanion policy paid: $1,823.36

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