Learn How New Puppy Lexie Found Value in Trupanion
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Learn How New Puppy Lexie Found Value in Trupanion

Read on to learn how new puppy Lexi found great value in a Trupanion policy

We picked up Lexie at nine-weeks-old from the breeder on 10/25/18. How exciting it was to have a new puppy to share our lives with.

After our initial visit to the Animal Clinic of Mandarin, we realized that Dr. Kaiser and the staff were an experienced, professional team that loves animals, probably more than people.

Having three dogs in the past without insurance, we enrolled in insurance through Trupanion, which as it turns out, is a great value.

Early on Lexie’s life, Dr. Kaiser noticed a heart murmur during a routine examination, which ended up being an intermittent, grade three heart murmur.

Recently, Lexie started scratching and her hair started to fall out, so we went back to the veterinarian to find out she also has allergies.

Through the examination and testing process, Trupanion has paid $12,566.73 in billable charges, far more than we could afford!

The veterinary clinic does all the work, getting pre-authorizations through Trupanion while you are in the office. When you leave, you know your monetary responsibility. It just takes a few minutes and is affordable.

Lexie’s condition will follow her through her life, and after meeting the $250 deductible, she will be covered by Trupanion for the rest of her life. We are so pleased to know she will live a normal, energetic, and enthusiastic life for many years to come.

As we all know, the doctor’s time is at a premium during visits because there is always another animal waiting to be seen.

Dr. Kaiser and her staff plan ahead to give the maximum time for your visit and will go the extra mile to explain any condition or procedure your animal may need.

In my opinion, the Animal Clinic of Mandarin has the best veterinarian. She gives the best care and has the best staff in the state of Florida.

-Thomas D., Jacksonville, FL


  • Date enrolled: November 2019
  • Condition: Heart Murmur, Allergies
  • The Trupanion policy paid: $12,566.73

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