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Five Pet Podcasts You Should Try from 2019

Read on to discover new pet podcasts to consider subscribing to.

Whether you are traveling with your pet or walking your dog, there is always an opportunity for learning while you’re on the go. Fortunately, 2019 was a great year for the pet podcast. We’ve spent hours listening to the best in show, and have narrowed down our five favorites of the year. Check out this list of our five favorite pet podcasts of 2019.

Five pet podcasts to listen to if you’re a pet owner

Discover five essential pet podcasts to subscribe to and learn some tips for your furry friends.

1. The Dog’s Way Podcast: Dog Training for Real Life

The Dog’s Way podcast is all about learning how to train your pup in your everyday life. Host Sean McDaniel discusses real-world situations with expert guests on how to teach your dog to sit, stay, and everything in between. Besides basic training, it also goes into detail on puppy training, senior dog training, and the details you need to know if you are considering getting your first dog.

2. Working like Dogs

The Working like Dogs podcast is all about the working dogs. Host Marcie Davis of Pet Life Radio dives into the world of service animals and speaks to experts who bring to light the impact and hard work of the different types of working dogs. In addition to guest experts, they discuss everything from matching, placing, and the trailblazers and organizations leading the way in the world of service animals.

3. Dog Cast Radio- for everyone who loves dogs

Dog Cast Radio is a podcast for everyone who loves dogs. For example, host Julie talks with a variety of experts in the pet industry, from training to pet care. In addition, the podcast encourages all people to learn and listen – including kids. Consider a listen next time you’re on a family road trip, and learn more about your furry family member.

4. Pure Dog Talk

Pure Dog Talk dives into the ring of show dogs and every breed you can think of. Host Laura Reeves talks about preservation breeding, showing, and speaks to the experts on and off the podium. Whether you are a first-generation breeder or a lover of breeds, Pure Dog Talk podcast has something for everyone.

5. Nine Lives with Dr. Kat

Nine Lives with Dr. Kat is all about your fun-loving cats and their quirks. Whether you want to learn more about understanding cat stress or cats and fleas, Dr. Kat talks to the industry experts and pros to give you essential cat care tips.

Discover new ways to learn and bond with your furry friends by listening to pet podcasts.

Learn more about your furry family members with pet podcasts

Pet podcasts are a beneficial way for the entire family to learn, grow, and have fun. Whether you are interested in training your new puppy or learning about cat quirks, there is something for everyone in the entire family to enjoy, including your pets.

What are your favorite pet podcasts?

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