Ten Shorthair Dog Breeds Recommended by the Trupanion Team
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Ten Shorthair Dog Breeds Recommended by the Trupanion Team

Read on to learn more about these shorthair dog breeds.
Beezly: Trupanion office dog and pet exploring the PNW.

We love all dogs. Obviously, it’s no surprise to see a variety of dogs here at Trupanion HQ. From shorthair dog breeds to mixed pups, you’re bound to see a different dog in every cubicle. While we are passionate about all dogs and cats, every team member has a personal favorite. If you’re considering getting a short hair breed like a Labrador or a Greyhound, read on to discover the favorite shorthair dog breeds according to our very own Trupanion team members.

Shorthair dog breeds to consider according to Trupanion team members

The reasons Trupanion team members love shorthair dog breeds and their beloved pets are many; silly personalities, big hearts, and behavior quirks make them so special.

1. French Bulldog

Shorthair dog breeds - consider the French Bulldog.
Domino: a Trupanion office dog and pet since 2016

“French bulldogs are the sweetest, most loving dogs ever! Also, a benefit is that as a short hair dog breed, they don’t shed as much as other breeds. Domino has a very pleasant natural smell to her. I only bathe her as needed. Also, I love how her black brindle coat has gotten progressively lighter, more bridle, and softer as she has gotten older. She just turned eight, and people always comment on how soft she is,” says Trupanion team member Sam S.

2. Italian Greyhound

Shorthair dog breed: Italian Greyhound
Apollo: Trupanion office dog and pet since 2016

“My Apollo, the Italian Greyhound! Like many other Italian Greyhounds, Iggy likes to cuddle and burrow under blankets. They also make some of the best cuddlers because they are down to nap whenever you want,” states Trupanion team member Linzie A.

3. Great Dane  

Shorthair dog breed: Great Dane

Great Danes are big, loyal, lazy, sweet, and gentle goofballs,” says Trupanion team member Jasmine S.

4. Pitbull  

shorthair dog breeds to consider: Pitbull
Syrus: a Trupanion office dog and pet

Pitbulls! They are the most loyal, snuggliest, silly, sweet snack connoisseurs, and just the absolute best dogs around,” says Trupanion team member Jamie P.

5. Chihuahua

Shorthair dog breed to consider: Chihuahua
Martha: a Trupanion office dog and pet

“My Martha, the Chihuahua. A loyal lap dog that never leaves my side,” says Trupanion team member Stephanie S.

6. Pug  

Shorthair dog breed to consider: a pug
Beezly: a Trupanion dog and pet since 2018

“They’re sweet, funny, and smart! They’re down to go out and have adventures or snuggle on the couch and watch TV. But most of all, they just love to be with their human,” says Trupanion team member Nicolette T.

7. Greyhound

shorthair dog breeds to consider: a Greyhound
Gambit: a Trupanion office dog and pet

“Greyhound. They hike, run, snuggle, and comfort you. Also, they are 60 miles per hour couch potatoes that encourage you to get out but are okay staying in. They are love,” says Trupanion team member Crissy B.

8. Labrador Retriever  

shorthair dog breeds to consider: Labrador retriever
Lucy: a Trupanion office dog and pet

“I’m a sucker for Labs right now,” says Trupanion team member Jessica G.

9. Pitbull and Lab mix duo

shorthair dog breeds: a Lab and pitbull duo!
Grace and Fezzik: Trupanion office dogs and pets

If you can’t have just one, consider two shorthair dog breeds!

“They love to snuggle, and they look so cute in their hoodies,” says Trupanion team member Diana C.

Gambit is always up for adventure or cuddles!

Shorthair dog breeds can be a fun-loving addition to any home

Whether you want adventure, a night at home or fun-loving co-pilot chances are there may be a shorthaired dog breed that is ready and waiting to be your best friend. No matter what type of dog you pick to be a part of your family, you have a friend for life. A big shout-out and thank you for Trupanion team members for sharing their stories!

What are some of your favorite shorthair dog breeds?

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