Meet Doberman Pinscher Nico: Grateful for Trupanion
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Meet Doberman Pinscher Nico: Grateful for Trupanion

Read on to learn more about Doberman Pinscher Nico and why his pet owner is grateful for a Trupanion policy.

Nico, a Doberman pinscher, joined our family at 8 weeks old. He came with 30 days of insurance from another company.  I researched options and I liked Trupanion had flexible deductibles to match a plan with my budget.  Nico’s the first pet I purchased insurance for and I’m so grateful I chose Trupanion.  I purchased it for “what if”, but it has been so much more.  Their service team is simply amazing.

Nico has had several medical issues in his short life so far, enlarged prostate, repeat urinary infections, skin infections, gastroenteritis. 

One Friday afternoon Nico wasn’t feeling well – wouldn’t eat a bland diet and vomited.  He had a scheduled dermatology follow-up the next day at Cornell University Veterinary Specialties, so when he still wasn’t feeling well, they had an urgent care doctor look at him.  They ran a bunch of tests, did x-rays and sent him home with us.  On Sunday he still wasn’t eating and continued to vomit, so I called the vet for advice.  After further review of his x-rays, they recommended hospitalizing him for an ultrasound. 

At that point, I was physically and emotionally drained and taking him back to Cornell wasn’t an option because they were 3+ hours away.  Cornell coordinated his care at a hospital closer to home, Upstate Veterinary Specialties, and they were expecting us when we arrived.  After seeing the doctor, I asked what I needed to do for my insurance, she assured me their client relations team would help me.  While I was waiting for the estimate, I called Trupanion to ensure I was “following the rules” for urgent hospitalization and their service team was fabulous!  She gave me her direct email and said to send the estimate right over and she’d get the approval going immediately. 

As it turns out the hospital works with Trupanion to accept payments directly, which was a huge relief since I was already $2000+ out of pocket from the day before.  That evening I was able to leave my beloved pup in capable hands and have peace of mind knowing his expenses were already approved. 

A few days after he was home we received a “get well” card from Trupanion with a handwritten note from our care coordinator.  They have been amazing and I’ll never be without them again.  I’m on a few Doberman Facebook pages and when people ask who do you have for insurance and would you recommend, I always say “YES for Trupanion”. 

-Tara K.


  • Schoharie, New York
  • Date enrolled June 2018
  • Conditions: Skin infection, foreign body ingestion, vomiting, diarrhea, enlarged prostate
  • The Trupanion Policy paid $10,363.99

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