Karelian Bear Dog Magni Makes a Full Recovery Thanks to Trupanion
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Karelian Bear Dog Magni Makes a Full Recovery Thanks to Trupanion

Read on to learn how Karelian Bear Dog Magni makes a full recovery thanks to a Trupanion policy.

  We signed up for Trupanion shortly after Magni (a Karelian Bear Dog) arrived to our family. Trupanion was recommended by both family (who had very positive experiences), as well as our veterinarian.

During a very difficult two weeks, Magni got into rodent poison and also required an emergency endoscopy for the removal of a foreign body. There was no question we would do whatever was necessary for Magni, but, having Trupanion took the stress of the financial toll out of the situation.  

The treatment cost for both issues was in the neighbourhood of six thousand dollars, but with Trupanion, our actual out-of-pocket cost was closer to twelve hundred.  Both our local vet hospital and the emergency clinic in Edmonton work directly with Trupanion, which meant the process was simple and streamlined.

The wonderful associates at Trupanion walked me through the process with kindness so my full attention could be focused on Magni. I’m pleased to say Magni made a full recovery, and thanks to Trupanion, the financial side of his ordeal was minimized.  I would nightly recommend Trupanion to every pet owner.

-Katherine C

Discover how Karelian Bear Dog Magni recovered from a foreign body ingestion.


  • Ohaton, Alberta, Canada
  • Date enrolled: February 2019
  • Condition: Foreign body ingestion
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $8,058.32

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