Kitten Insurance: Why You Need to Insure When They're Young
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Kitten Insurance: Why You Need to Insure When They’re Young

Read on to learn why you need kitten insurance.

Kittens are curious and are ready to explore in their new home. When your kitten starts to become comfortable and learn their way around, they may get into something they shouldn’t. Naturally, as your kitten grows and develops, they may become more independent and observant of the world around them. Accidents happen. Fortunately, with kitten insurance, you can be prepared for the unexpected. Read on to learn more about the benefit of kitten insurance and four reasons why you need to insure your kitten when they’re young.

The importance of kitten insurance with Trupanion

Read on to learn more about kitten insurance with Trupanion.

Enroll at birth

From the moment your kitten is born, you have the option to enroll your kitten in a Trupanion policy. You don’t have to wait for your kitten to reach a certain age. Meanwhile, in between all the first moments, you can rest easy knowing you have the coverage you can count on if they get sick or injured.

No pre-existing conditions

The younger you enroll your pet, the least likely they are to have a pre-existing condition. We want to be able to provide the best experience for you and your kitten. If you enroll your kitten from birth, you’re less likely to experience a denial in coverage.

No birthday pricing

Kittens grow up. And as your kitten develops, grows, and ages, we want to be able to provide coverage throughout your feline’s life. Because of this, we never increase your monthly cost just because your kitten ages. In fact, when you enroll in kitten insurance with a Trupanion policy, you can have the peace of mind that there will be no birthday pricing as your kitten gets older. We want to celebrate your kitten having a birthday, not spoil it.

That doesn’t mean your monthly cost will never change. Normal factors like inflation or the cost of care in your area are a few reasons why your premiums may increase over time. But we don’t punish pets for aging by increasing your price.

Lifetime coverage

Pets are family. And we want to be able to help provide over your cat’s lifetime. As your kitten grows up, we want to be with you on the journey. Because of this, we offer lifetime coverage as your kitten ages from cat to senior. In addition, we have no payout limits and can help you plan for the unknown.

Trupanion Claims Data

We sat down with our Trupanion data team to get more insight into the most common kitten claims. The following are issues we see most often in young cats:

Consider Trupanion pet Thor. He had a $6,738 urinary obstruction claim, and the Trupanion policy paid $5,839.

Discover how kitten insurance with a Trupanion policy can help your cat for their lifetime.

Kitten insurance with a Trupanion policy helps provide coverage for their lifetime

When you first bring home your new furry family member, you want to know that everything is going to be okay. With a Trupanion policy, you can have lifetime coverage knowing we are with you every step of the way.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

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