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Then and Now: A Look at 2019 Compared to 2010

2019 was quite a year. For us, it was all about helping pet owners budget for the unexpected. And it kept us busy. As the year came to a close, so did another decade. We decided to take a look back at the beginning of the twenty-teens to see what’s changed.

While some things never change (like the popularity of the name Charlie) other things do change. In 2010, our largest claim payout for a dog was $14,750. In 2019 that number grew—more than 5X—to $81,256. Here’s what else changed:

So what hasn’t changed since 2010? Our dedication (if anything, it’s grown). We remain fiercely dedicated to your industry. Because the pets you see on a daily basis deserve high-quality care. And we’ll spend the next decade making sure they can receive it.

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