Dishing with Darryl: The Problem That Trupanion Is Trying To Solve
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Dishing with Darryl: The Problem That Trupanion Is Trying To Solve

Read on to learn what problem Trupanion is trying to solve.

On this first installment of Dishing with Darryl, we talk to our founder and CEO to discover the problem that Trupanion is trying to solve, and how we plan on doing exactly that. There are a lot of misconceptions not only about insurance in general, but specifically about the role that medical insurance can play in the lives of our best friends.

The problem that Trupanion wants to solve

Basically, we’re here to help you budget for your pet’s veterinary care. Without medical insurance would you know how much money to put away every year for your pet’s unexpected veterinary bills? How about every month?

There are a few veterinary expenses for which you can budget. This list includes vaccines, flea and tick medication, annual check-up exams or dental cleanings. Those are expenses you can plan for as a responsible pet owner, and know that you’ll need to save money for every year.

The issues you can’t predict

Unfortunately, there are plenty of veterinary bills that no pet owner can ever see coming. Maybe it’s that your puppy got into something they shouldn’t have, or your cat is experiencing liver issues in its golden years. No matter the reason, our best friends deserve the best coverage and best care.

You may not be able to predict all of your pet’s surprise veterinary costs over their entire life, but with a Trupanion policy you can have help budgeting for it all. Because of our extensive database of claims and team of actuaries that are only focused on pet health, we can understand the average cost of care for your pet based on their breed, location, and a few other factors.

With this knowledge in mind, we can parcel out the average cost of veterinary care for your pet on a monthly basis. And just like, we have helped you budget for your pet’s health care.

Darryl Rawlings dishes on more

No one knows the problem that Trupanion is trying to solve more than our CEO and founder, Darryl Rawlings. Here he explains in his own words how Trupanion can help you, your pet, and your family’s budget.

Want to learn more about how Trupanion can help you budget for your pet’s care? Our pet-loving team is available 24/7/365 to answer questions specific to your pet: 844.908.1177

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