Meet Four Yorkshire Terriers Insured with Trupanion since 2013
Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company

Meet Four Yorkshire Terriers Insured with Trupanion since 2013

Meet Four Yorkshire terriers insured with a Trupanion policy since 2013.

Barkley, Molly, Macey Mae, and Maddie our Yorkshire terriers are lovingly known as The Fab 4.  They have all been insured since 2013 with Trupanion. 

Discover these Yorkshire terriers stories below on how medical insurance for pets with Trupanion has helped them throughout their lifetime.

Barkley’s story:

Read on to learn more about how Barkley, a Yorkshire terrier, got the help he needed for his medical issues.

Last September, Barkley was diagnosed with Lymphangiectasia a protein losing enteropathy disease that is very common in Yorkies. We almost lost him. He suffered from extreme edema, diarrhea, and lost nearly all his hair. He went from 6 lbs. to 3.1 lbs.   For seven months we made weekly visits to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital to see an internal medicine specialist. He had to have numerous tests done and at one time was on nine different medications plus two weekly injections.  A low fat prescription diet was also prescribed. He has been a little trooper through it all and his specialists at UT call him their “rock star”.  He is now in remission and we are working hard to keep him there. Prior to this diagnosis, Barkley had two knee TPLO surgeries, a liposarcoma cancer diagnosis which included surgery and chemo treatments, and a couple of months ago had one of his plates removed from a previous knee surgery.  

Trupanion has stood behind us all the way and gave us the peace of mind to save our little man.  At 5.5 lbs. we call him our “million dollar Yorkie”.

Molly’s story:

Read one of the Yorkshire terriers Molly story here,

Molly was diagnosed with a portosystemic liver shunt at the age of seven and needed emergency surgery.   We were referred to the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital.  Trupanion again stepped up and covered all her surgical expenses.

Maddie’s story:

Read one of the Fab 4 stories here, Maddie a Yorkshire terrier.

Maddie is seven and is only 3.7 lbs.  She was so tiny that she had to have some extensive dental work done which included some bone grafting because her mouth was too small for all her teeth. Trupanion stepped in and paid for all surgical aspects of the procedure.

The Fab 4 Yorkshire Terriers: Barkley, Molly, Maddie, Macey Mae

  • Powell Tennessee
  • Date enrolled: Barkley – June 2013, Molly– June 2013, Maddie- April 2013, Macey Mae June 2013
  • Conditions: Barkley– ACL rupture, Lymphangiectasia, Lipoma Molly – Portal Systemic Shunt    Maddie– Periodontal disease
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: Barkley– $10,040.15   Molly –   $1,926.40    Maddie– $589.20

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