Trupanion Has Been a Lifesaver for 5 Year-Old Australian Shepherd Ozzy
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Trupanion Has Been a Lifesaver for 5 Year-Old Australian Shepherd Ozzy

Discover how a Trupanion policy has been a lifesaver for five year -old Australian Shepherd Ozzy.

Ozzy is a 5 year-old Australian Shepherd. Normally Aussie’s have hearty stomachs and rarely have issues.  Our Ozzy is the exception.  

He has had recurrent stomach problems resulting in gastrointestinal issues for several years. We have tried different foods but he seems to develop a flare-up of the same gastrointestinal problems every so often. After some medical treatment, he is good to go again. This is still a work in progress for us as we strive to find the ultimate cause of his issues. 

Since the first problem, Trupanion has been amazing for us! 

Filing a claim is super easy, and processing is quick and easy. Money is deposited into my account within days. Because his issues are always a recurrence of the initial problem, we have not had to pay the deductible each time. The coverage is amazing. Plus, I love that I can speak to someone on the phone very easily- no complicated phone system. Service is excellent and on occasion, you can hear a dog in the background as they are apparently allowed to bring pets to work. I love this!

Trupanion has been a lifesaver for our beloved dog- we don’t worry about vet costs because the majority of them are covered. It is reassuring to do what is best for your pet without worrying about money. Trupanion has reimbursed us for the vast majority of all expenses quickly and easily. This is exactly what insurance is supposed to do. Thank you Trupanion!

-Susan M.

Ozzy: Australian Shepherd

  • Lucan, Ontario, Canada
  • Date enrolled: July 2015
  • Conditions: Vomiting, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis, leg injury
  • The Trupanion policy paid: $5,107.16

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