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Host an Oscar Party with Pets

Read on learn some essential tips for how to host an Oscar party with pets.

The golden night in Hollywood is here and it’s a fun time to celebrate with your family, friends, and pets. If you’re looking to commemorate the star-studded event, look no further than our family and pet-friendly Oscar guide. In fact, we put together some of our favorite pet-friendly tips to help you host a family gathering with ease. Check out these four ways to host an Oscar party with your pets that will be sure to steal the show.

How to host an Oscar party when you have pets

Discover four essential tips on how to host an Oscar party with pets.

1. Prepare a pet-friendly space

Your dog or cat should have a comfortable space to celebrate the evening. Whether they want to play, eat, or relax, a cozy and inviting space gives them the opportunity to interact and play or enjoy a quality nap. Consider setting up a separate space for your best friend. After all, they’ll want to have plenty of space to play with their friends. Further, decorate the space with their favorite toys, bed, and treats.

2. Have snacks for everyone (including your furry friends)

Your pets may want to indulge in a snack during the festivities. Sometimes, puppies and kittens get into something they shouldn’t. Consider having pet-friendly snacks for your furry friends to avoid any visits to the emergency room. Also, items like chocolate and adult beverages can be a hazard for your pets. Further, check in with other pet owners to see if their pet has allergies. Naturally, you want all pets to be able to enjoy the tasty treats!

3. Dress to impress

The benefit of hosting your own Oscar viewing party is it gives you and your best friend a chance to dress to impress! Of course, not all pets like wearing clothing. Consider what clothes your pet likes and make sure they are comfortable. Perhaps choose a sweater or shirt to commemorate the festivities. And don’t forget to take a selfie!

4. Give out your own awards

Honor some of your favorite furry friends with an award! Consider sending nominations out prior to the party, and it gives all your party-goers a chance to weigh in on the nominations. For example, some fun awards might be Most Fluffy, Best Barker, or Cutest Dog Breed. It certainly is a great way to create an interactive and memorable party for all family members.

Discover a new way to host an Oscar party with your furry friends.

Hosting an Oscar party with pets may be a fun experience for the entire family

Give yourself a chance to enjoy the festivities in the comfort of your own home by hosting an Oscar party with your pets. By preparing a pet-friendly space, snacks, and activities your Oscar party can be fun for humans and pets alike!

What is your favorite way to party plan with your pets?

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