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Dishing with Darryl: Trupanion Coverage 101

In the Dishing with Darryl series - get a crash course on the highlights of the Trupanion coverage from CEO and founder Darryl Rawlings.

The number one question that we get when pet owners are researching medical insurance for their cats and dogs is simple—what does Trupanion cover? Trupanion coverage is broad and unique, so in this edition of our Dishing with Darryl series, we’ll give you a crash course on the highlights of the policy.

Trupanion coverage overview

Do you know what your pet’s medical insurance should cover? If you’ve already raised a furry friend, you know that surprises are always right around the corner. While there are intricacies to any policy, here the highlights of Trupanion’s coverage:

  • No payout limits. Ever. You’ll never run into caps or limits on eligible issues when your pet is enrolled with Trupanion
  • 90% payouts on eligible claims. This is based on the ­actual invoice, which means we don’t dictate coverage. Your veterinarian decides the best course of treatment for your pet, and the Trupanion policy pays out based on that invoice.
  • We don’t punish unlucky pets. That means that we won’t penalize you by increasing your rates just because you file claims.
  • You don’t have to wait for reimbursement if your veterinary hospital uses our unique software. Instead, only pay your portion of the bill out-of-pocket and we pick up the rest.

For these reasons and more, we believe that Trupanion coverage is exactly what pets deserve.

Darryl Rawlings weighs in on coverage

Trupanion coverage is the brainchild of Darryl Rawlings, our CEO and founder. In this video he explains exactly what the policy can do for you and your pet:

To learn more about how medical insurance can help protect your pet, give our pet-loving team a call anytime at 866.967.0870

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

Policy details vary by state. Please review your state’s policy for complete coverage information.

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