The Extra Years with Lily Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Trupanion
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The Extra Years with Lily Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Trupanion

Learn more about the Trupanion pre-approved treatment that gave this member extra years with her pet.

In February 2020, the Trupanion policy reached a milestone by paying out $1 billion in veterinary invoices. Thousands of pets were able to receive the veterinary medical they needed. We celebrate this achievement and look to the veterinarians, members, team members, and medical staff that helped with this milestone. Read on to learn how this member was able to get extra years with her pet, and it was all thanks to Trupanion and a pre-approved treatment that saved her thousands.

Bigger than a billion: Kellyn and Lily

Discover Kellyn and Lily's bigger than a billion story.

Lily has always been our happy-go-lucky, easy-going girl. She loves to play hard (and sleep even harder). Then a couple of summers ago, when she was nine, everything changed.

After a cut on her paw wouldn’t heal, we discovered there was an underlying cause that would’ve killed her if we hadn’t found it then.

Essentially, she had zero platelets in her blood and was in grave danger of spontaneously bleeding out. After a week in the hospital, unsure if treatment would work, we got the call that she was healthy enough to come home.

I hate to admit this, but there’s no way I could’ve swung the $10,000 bill if I didn’t have Trupanion. Trupanion pre-approved treatment, took care of that bill, and has continued to pay for her medication, keeping her in remission.

We’re two years out now, and she’s back to her normal, healthy self: an 11-year-old puppy (at heart). I’m so grateful for the extra years I get with my best friend. It wouldn’t have been possible without Trupanion.

-Kellyn and Lily

This wouldn't have been possible without Trupanion.


  • Seattle, WA
  • Date enrolled: November 2014
  • Conditions: Limp, Thrombocytopenia, Thyroid disease, Gastrointestinal issues
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $14,031.56

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