Dishing with Darryl: The Trupanion Pricing Philosophy
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Dishing with Darryl: The Trupanion Pricing Philosophy

Read on to learn more about the Trupanion pricing philosophy.

When you take home your beloved puppy or kitten, you probably run through a checklist of all the things you’ll need to buy for them. Food, a collar, a bed, toys…but do you consider the moments in your pet’s life that you can’t quite predict? Here at Trupanion, we think it’s important you do think outside the box for this one.

What to look for in medical insurance for pets

One aspect of insuring your pet is the cost. When you do your research into pet medical insurance, you’ll probably get quotes from different providers. But is every medical insurance policy created equal?

A Trupanion policy, for example, is a high-quality product that is meant to provide consistent value throughout your pet’s entire life. Because of the quality of the product, the price that you see when you get a quote may be higher than it is with other insurers. We recommend taking your time to understand all the aspects that go into that number.

For example, when looking at different insurance companies, we recommend you think about the following parts of a policy:

  • Are there any caps or limits on how much the policy will pay out on eligible claims?
  • What kind of payouts are offered? Will you get a high percentage of eligible bills covered, or only 70% or 80% reimbursed?
  • Speaking of reimbursement, do you have to pay up front and hope that you get reimbursed at a later time? Or can you only pay your portion of the bill at checkout and rely on your provider to cover the rest?
  • How will your policy’s price change over time, and why will it change? Make sure to look for a policy that doesn’t punish you by increasing your rates just because you file claims or your pet gets older.

What is Trupanion’s pricing philosophy?

Trupanion, medical insurance for your pet, has a specific pricing philosophy that’s built with your pet’s happiness in mind. Here our CEO and founder Darryl Rawlings talks about the Trupanion pricing philosophy and what it means for pet owners.

As you shop around for medical insurance for your cat or dog, consider the Trupanion pricing philosophy and the value you’re looking for from your policy. We’re here for you, and for the health of your pet’s entire life.

To learn more about how medical insurance can help protect your pet, give our pet-loving team a call anytime at 844.908.1178

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

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