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Working at Trupanion | A Day in the Life

Read on to learn more about working at Trupanion.
Trupanion team members Alex and Cloe

Wonder what it’s like to be surrounded by 400+ dogs and cats every day? From adorable dog co-workers to helping pets, a day in the life of a Trupanion team member is busy and full of inspiration. We sat down with Trupanion account manager Alex Krause for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work for an industry leader in medical insurance for pets.

Working at Trupanion: team member spotlight

Working at Trupanion: Alex enjoying a playtime session with Finn MacCoul.
Enjoying playtime with Finn MacCoul

What is your role at Trupanion?

I’m an account manager. I work directly with our partnered hospitals in the Carolinas and Tennessee. Most of my family lives in Charlotte and Nashville, so I love being able to help folks out there.

When did you start?

I just hit my first anniversary! The past year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

What does your day look like?

At the risk of sounding silly, there isn’t ever a ‘typical day’.Most days, I’m reaching out to our partnered hospitals directly, and checking in on our mutual clients. Sometimes this means checking up on claims for doctors, other times it’s helping to educate veterinary team members on how to best help their clients with their medical insurance needs. The only constant is that every day of the week, I’m helping veterinary professionals help pets. Which is what I love about my job! 

What do you love about working at Trupanion?

I love that I’m helping animals receive the care they need, despite not working in a clinic. Being surrounded by fellow bleeding-hearts and dreamers who want to put so much positive energy into the world is honestly inspiring. I also love forging genuine friendships with the folks at my hospitals and have made lifelong friendships in my time here. 

 What is the favorite part of your day?

Alex enjoying time with her favorite cube-mate and co-worker Bowie.
Alex enjoying time with her favorite cube-mate and Trupanion office dog Bowie.

I’m going to be honest… It’s when my cube mate Bowie enters in the morning and jumps into my lap! It helps put things into perspective. Plus, it’s impossible not to smile when a 90-pound Black Lab is excited to see you.

What inspires you about your role and the work you do?

Working at Trupanion: Alex's pets Zelda and Violet enjoying some cuddles
Zelda and Violet

My work is really inspired by my girls. Zelda is a British Shorthair cat and Violet is a Bernese Mountain dog. Through their lifetimes, both were in need of vital and costly medical care. Zelda for chronic ear infections and an eventual TECA-BO surgery (inner ear removal), and Violet for both a TPLO (knee surgery) and chemotherapy.

For us, our pets are family—when your kid needs to see the doctor, they go to the doctor, and we figure out a way to make it work. Unfortunately for us, it involved over $20k in medical bills put on a credit card. 

I’d never regret the amount of money we spent enriching their lives and having them grow old with us. But, if I can help keep other people from having to go through the same situation with their own “fur kids,” I absolutely want to. They are what guide me through helping hospitals every day.

How has the veterinary community inspired your work?

The veterinary community inspires me every day. From veterinarians who go from a long shift at their own hospitals to drive states away to take a cat to a specialist, to technicians who lay in kennels with sick dogs at 2 am, to customer service reps who hold us and grieve with us like family. There’s no end to the sheer human kindness I’ve experienced in animal medicine. 

What is the one thing you want people to know about working at Trupanion?

It’s chaotic, it’s loud, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And yes I do keep multiple lint rollers in my file cabinet. 

Enjoying some lunch time snuggles with Violet.

Working at Trupanion: a fun-filled day for humans and pets alike

Pets are the heart and at the core of everything we do. Dogs and cats are what connect us as team members and drive us to help the pets we love to receive the best veterinary care.

Thank you to Alex for sharing your Trupanion team member journey with us!

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