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What Does a Puppy Insurance Plan Look Like?

Read on to learn more about a puppy insurance plan with a Trupanion policy.

If you’ve recently brought home a new puppy, congratulations! A puppy is a great addition to any home. And as you start to navigate puppyhood, you’ll find that your new furry family member’s full of surprises.

Between your playdates and mealtime, an accident may happen. After all, puppies are mischievous and are known for getting into things they shouldn’t.

So, what if you had the opportunity to help protect your pet from the moment they’re born? Your pets are family and they deserve the best medical care possible. For this reason, learn more about the benefits of a puppy insurance plan with a Trupanion policy and how it helps you prepare for the unexpected.

The importance to have a puppy insurance plan from the start

Lifetime coverage

From the small moments to the big adventures, you want to know that you’re prepared to help your pet if they need it. You want to be able to give them everything they need as they grow from a puppy to an adult dog and beyond. Because of this, your pet’s medical insurance should be there for all milestones. That’s why a puppy insurance plan with a Trupanion policy is the quality coverage you need for the life of your pet.

No max payout limits

If your puppy is sick and needs medical care, you don’t want to have to stress about how you’re going to pay the bill. Your puppy insurance plan should provide relief when your best friend needs it most. *Whether you need diagnostics, emergency care, surgery or hospitalization a Trupanion policy has no max payout limits when it comes to your pet’s medical care. You can take the time to focus on your puppy, and not your finances.

Subscription-based service

As a pet owner, you want flexibility. And this rings true especially if you have a new puppy. A Trupanion policy offers you a monthly subscription for your pet’s coverage. So, you can rest easy and don’t have to worry about an annual contract. Also, you have the chance to reach us when you need us. 24/7/365.

Submit online

You want convenience. With a Trupanion membership, you can submit your veterinary invoices online and track everything in your portal. If you need help, our pet-loving specialists are ready and waiting to answer your calls, chats, and emails. You don’t have to wait to access policy documents or updating billing, you can do all of that with a click of a button.

Seek the medical care you pet needs

When your puppy needs care, your furry friend shouldn’t have to wait. If you need to seek treatment for your best friend, seek medical care wherever you see fit. Also, with our unique software, we have the ability to pay your veterinary directly within seconds at check-out. You can have peace of mind knowing you can seek the medical care your puppy needs.

Your shouldn't have to sacrifice on medical care for your pet. They deserve the best. Discover the perks of a puppy insurance plan with a Trupanion policy,

A puppy insurance plan is there for the life of your pet

No one should have to sacrifice quality when it comes to your furry family member. Your puppy deserves medical coverage that gives them the chance to live a long and healthy life. Consider your options and do your research. If your puppy becomes unlucky in health, our team is here to help.

Did you recently get a new puppy? Call now to speak to one of our pet-loving specialists at 888.626.0932.

*Terms and conditions may apply.

We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

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