Ruger's Safety Net
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Ruger’s Safety Net

Last month we announced that the Trupanion policy had reached more than $1 billion paid to help pets get the care they needed. But we know that it’s #biggerthanabillion. Today we’re continuing our celebration of the people and pets who were there along the way. Take a look below to see how this adorable pup was supported right from the start.

Bigger than a Billion: Kayla and Ruger

Woman with her dog Ruger.

When Ruger was still a puppy, he had a reverse sneeze that turned into pneumonia. He’s never one to show many symptoms—he was still drinking, eating, playing, and ripping up couch pillows, so we didn’t know how sick he was and thought his sneeze was seasonal allergies. But when the sneeze didn’t go away we took him in. Even the hospital staff was surprised at how playful he was, but after getting his x-rays back they recommended they keep him overnight. They had the Trupanion software that paid the veterinarian directly, so we knew right away after submitting a pre-approval that our meatball would be covered.

Having Trupanion means having a safety net that will catch Ruger whenever he gets in trouble. Even though we try to provide him the best of everything, there are some things we can’t protect him from. Whether he catches a nasty cold, gets stung by a bee, or gets in a fight with an opossum who got into our yard, we’ll never have to ask ourselves the dark question, can we afford this veterinary bill?


Date enrolled: January 2018

Condition: Pneumonia

The Trupanion Policy paid: $6,502.13

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