Peace of Mind Knowing that I have Trupanion for My Cat Toph
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Peace of Mind Knowing that I have Trupanion for My Cat Toph

Read on to learn more about how this kitten owner has peace of mind over cost knowing they have a Trupanion policy for cat Toph.

When my wife and I adopted Toph, she was a little over three pounds. Our veterinarian said everything looked normal, so we activated an Exam Day Offer from Trupanion immediately after our visit.

About a month later we noticed that she had very wet stool that kept lingering on, so we took her back to the veterinarian where she tested positive for giardia. Although giardia is fairly easy to treat, it kept coming back. Toph ended up needing treatment for two months.

Knowing that I have Trupanion for her means that I can give her the best care for when something unexpected happens. I don’t have to worry about finances when it comes to exploring the best treatments for her when she needs it. It gives me and my wife peace of mind.

-Mark and Toph

Toph got the care he needed, thanks to a Trupanion policy.


  • Seattle, Washington
  • Date enrolled: September 2018
  • Conditions: Diarrhea, Giardia
  • The Trupanion Policy paid: $57.53

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