Wesson Received Medical Care For Hip Dysplasia Thanks to Trupanion
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Wesson Received Medical Care For Hip Dysplasia Thanks to Trupanion

Discover how Wesson was able to get the medical care he needed when diagnosed with hip dysplasia, with the help from Trupanion.

In February, we announced $1 billion veterinary invoices paid. In the final installment of the #BiggerthanaBillion series, discover a member and pet that was able to get veterinary medical care when they needed it most. Learn more about Wesson who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and the treatment he was able to receive with the help of a Trupanion policy.

Bigger than a billion: Mikaila and Wesson

Discover how with the help of a Trupanion policy, Wesson was able to get the medical care and treatment needed for hip dysplasia.

Wesson is my special boy with some very chronic issues. He was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia at just six months old.

From the very beginning, especially with him growing into such a large dog, we jumped right onto treatment.

With the help of Trupanion, we are able to give him the best joint supplements, anti-inflammatories, and even hydrotherapy to help strengthen his hips and make him as comfortable as possible so he can live a long happy life!

He also has allergies (environmental and food) that cause chronic urinary issues. Wesson is only two years old and so far Trupanion has paid out more than $3,700 for just these two issues.

Trupanion is the biggest peace of mind for us and reassurance that we’re able to provide the best treatment without hesitation.

We know we will only be responsible for a portion of the bill—no credit card use or struggling to find where the money is going to come from. We know that for every $100 we have, that’s 1,000 Trupanion dollars due to the 90% coverage.

They’ve got our tails, paws, ears, and everything else covered!

-Mikaila and Wesson

Thanks to a Trupanion policy, Wesson is able to live a healthy life.


  • Puyallup, Washington
  • Date enrolled: January 2017
  • Conditions: Hip dysplasia, joint pain, allergies, UTI
  • The Trupanion Policy paid: $4,439.60

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