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Trupanion Office Snapshot

While Seattle recovers from the recent health risk of COVID-19, all employees have been asked to work from home to avoid getting sick. In the meantime, we still want to show you our office culture! 

Miso pictured above, enjoying one of the dog play rooms with his mom, Cara.


We have almost 400 cats and dogs that have been approved to come into the office with their owners! There are doggy gates set up throughout the office so that pets can relax next to their owner’s desk.


We want everyone to be comfortable and be themselves here in the office. On a normal day in the office, you will notice our casual dress code and smiling faces. You will see more folks walking around in jeans rather than slacks. Tattoos and unusual hair colors are also welcome!

We have an open office layout, so there are no private offices and management is working alongside their teams. You’ll notice a lot of creativity around the office when it comes to decorations, especially around holidays.

The Trupanion office has an open layout to encourage team work and creativity.


TruLOVE is just one of the organizations to encourage diversity and inclusion at the Trupanion office.

Trupanion has a wonderful variety of employees from all backgrounds! Keeping everyone in mind, we have gender neutral bathrooms and a private mother’s room. We have employee resource groups that are LGBTQ (TruPride) and Diversity & Inclusion (TruLOVE) minded. Keep an eye out for Trupanion in the 2020 Pride Parade!

TruPride walking in the Seattle Pride Parade


Along with a laundry list of amenities for the humans of the office (free parking, onsite daycare and gym) we do also have perks for the office pups!  Free daily walks from our pet programs team, and two playrooms that are perfect for getting some energy out or having a playdate!

Pet playrooms are available at the Trupanion office for your pet to interact and play.


Located in Georgetown, we are in the center of a bustling industrial neighborhood. There are a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and dog-friendly breweries in the area, and we also have food trucks visit our office building daily!

Any Questions?

Your recruiter is happy to answer any question you have about Trupanion, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Trupanion Recruiting Team
Top Left to Right: Anna B, Amy K, Bryn L, & Stacia R   Bottom: Katie S, Kira R, Jade H,  Rachel R, & Terryn R


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