Trupanion Has Given Me the Option to Help with Treatment for Bilbo
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Trupanion Has Given Me the Option to Help with Treatment for Bilbo

Learn more about how Trupanion has given me the option to help Bilbo.

Last month, the Trupanion policy celebrated paying out $1 billion veterinary invoices. In this installment of the #biggerthanabillion series, we look at the members and pets that were able to get the medical care they needed. Read on to learn more about Cocker Spaniel Bilbo, and how the option to get treatment was possible thanks to Trupanion.

Bigger than a billion: Lisa and Bilbo

Learn more about Bilbo and the option to get medical care with a Trupanion policy was a peace of mind for this member.

I adopted my cocker spaniel, Bilbo, while living in South Korea, and then moved him back here with me. By the time I started working at Trupanion, and enrolled him on a Trupanion policy, he was already nine with pre-existing allergies, so I didn’t expect much to be covered. Boy, was I wrong.

Within a month of enrolling him, Bilbo had his first claim. In the two-ish years he’s been enrolled, I’ve been reimbursed nearly $3,000.

Most of his claims are anxiety-related, but there are a few other things, including mass removals, disease screenings, foreign body ingestions, and vaccine reactions. There’s a reason I call him my problem child!

Having Trupanion has meant that I’ve been able to put my financial worries aside and proceed with the most thorough diagnostics and best treatments when something isn’t quite right with Bilbo. It gives me the peace of mind that I can continue to give him a good quality of life as he gets older.

-LISA and Bilbo

The option for medical care and treatment with a Trupanion policy gave this member peace of mind.


  • Seattle, WA
  • Date enrolled: March 2017
  • Conditions: Anxiety, Mass removal, tooth extraction, foreign body ingestion
  • The Trupanion Policy paid: $2,844.55

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