Dishing with Darryl: How Trupanion Supports Veterinarians
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Dishing with Darryl: How Trupanion Supports Veterinarians

Read on to learn more about how Trupanion supports veterinarians.

Ever since our beginning, Trupanion has worked beside veterinarians and veterinary staff members to help pets get the care they need. We know that we can only help with financial costs – medical decisions must be made by an owner’s trusted veterinarian.

Why we support veterinary heroes

Veterinarians and their staff work tirelessly every day to give pets the very best care. A key part of Trupanion’s model is to never dictate coverage – that means that your veterinarian should decide what the best course of treatment is for your pet, not your insurance company.

We support veterinary decisions by paying out based on the actual invoice, instead of capping payouts on a per-condition basis. Basically, if your veterinarian decides that the best thing for your sick pet is to have multiple rounds of tests and surgery, then assuming that the condition is eligible and the pet is enrolled with Trupanion, the policy would pay out based on the costs of those procedures.

This allows veterinarians to practice their best medicine. People get into the profession of veterinary medicine to help animals heal and live happy lives, not to have tough conversations with pet owners about the cost of veterinary care.

We want to be here as support for veterinary teams, not to get in the way. And this partnership is one that our CEO and founder, Darryl Rawlings, had in mind when he started the company.

Learn how Trupanion supports veterinarians

Darryl started Trupanion twenty years ago to help not just pets, but also veterinarians. It’s never a good result when a veterinary staff member has to a conversation about finances instead of pet health—and that’s one burden that Trupanion is here to help alleviate.

We thank all veterinarians and their incredible staff in the work they do to take care of cats and dogs. Without this amazing care, we couldn’t give the best to our best friends.

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We love informed decisions. See our policy for full coverage details.

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