The Benefits of Working at Home With a Puppy and an Adult Dog (An Introvert's Opinion)
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The Benefits of Working at Home With a Puppy and an Adult Dog (An Introvert’s Opinion)

Read on to learn more about working at home with a puppy and other pets.
Trupanion puppy Bosch is ready to respond to some emails.

Working from home might not be for everyone. But, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it has caused many organizations to make the digital shift. For this reason, Trupanion has transitioned to a fully-remote workforce for the health and safety of its team members. I have been working remotely for a year and I love the benefits of remote work. In fact, one of the best perks is the daily companionship of my furry family members. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working at home with a puppy in a multi-pet household and how it helps my work-life balance.

Why I love remote work: working at home with a puppy

Working at home with a puppy and an adult dog is fun. I love spending my work day with my best friends.
Salvatore is a wonderful best friend and co-worker.

I’m more productive at work

A work commute can take a toll on anyone. And the strain of a long commute definitely was stressful. To begin with, an immediate benefit for me while working at home is the positive start to my day. I am able to focus on my family and have more time with them. When I start my workday, I feel refreshed, focused, and ready to do my best work. Further, I don’t have any office distractions and have my furry friends by my side.

Constant animal companionship

Animals are wonderful companions. And my pets are my best friends. They help me throughout my workday. Whether taking a nap by my feet or making me laugh, there is nothing like the love of my pets. They relieve my stress, make me smile, and remind me every day why I work so hard. They’re my family and it’s really comforting to be around them, especially during this unknown time period.

Quality time with my pets

One of the many benefits of working at home with a puppy and another dog in the house is the opportunity to spend quality time with them. It gives me the opportunity (and reminds me) to stretch, have fun, and take breaks.

For example, I got a puppy a few months ago, and Bosch has kept us on our toes! Between crate training, leash training, and basic obedience training we’ve been met with a fair share of triumphs and setbacks.

Working at home with a puppy: requires different training techniques  and figure out what they prefer, toys, or treats.
Bosch loves playtime. And treats.

Tips for puppy training

Take it one day at a time. Find moments to train, like when you leave the house or feed them meals. Every dog is different. I have found random moments are wonderful training opportunities with Bosch. For instance, before a meeting, I take Bosch outside. I make him wait at the door to come inside. I have found this is helpful with focus.

Pet enrichment

Daily interaction is beneficial for you and your pets. Take a five-minute break and play with your pets. It will add a boost to your workflow and makes your pet’s day. The spontaneity of play adds enrichment to your pet’s day and may help relieve stress for the entire family.

If I find myself working on an article for too long, I’ll take a few minutes and go interact with my dogs. Call it my creative inspiration.

Daily walks

Daily exercise is important for you and your pets. It provides stimulation and gives your pet the opportunity to learn and explore in a new environment. For instance, I take the pups on a walk in the afternoon, so they can get outside. If you’re able, take a walk around your neighborhood. Also, it’s a quick way to help me clear my head when at work.

In fact, the fresh air may be beneficial for the entire family. Naturally, in the midst of COVID-19, consider practicing social distancing and wash your hands when you come indoors.

Working at home with a puppy and an adult dog: plenty of interactive play and pet enrichment!

Flexible schedule

When you have pets and kids, you need to be flexible to accommodate everyone’s needs. For example, I have multiple dogs in the house (of different ages) and an adventurous 2 ½-year-old. This means being creative with my daily work schedule.

If you find yourself working from home, consider talking with your manager and team members about your challenges. We’re all in this together. In an age where this a lot of uncertainty, I find that empathy, communication, and transparency are helpful tools to navigate our current state.

For this reason, it may mean I work in the early hours of the morning, but that allows me to balance all of my responsibilities and maintain my workflow.

Working at home with a puppy, adult dogs, pets, and kids can require a balancing act, but can mean so much to your furry family.
Working at home allows you to take more time to spend with your family.
My pack: Salvatore, Bosch, and our beloved Spencer.

Work-life balance: time with family

This is a difficult time for everyone. During this period, take the time you need to care for your family and loved ones. Stay well and connect with friends. As you begin to navigate working from home, give yourself time and patience to adapt. It’s a new experience, and just know that your pets are happy to spend some extra time with you. Working from home is helpful to me because it gives me more time with my family, and that’s what I value most.

What are some of your favorite tips for working at home with a puppy or other pets?

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