COVID-19 Pet Health Update by Dr. Steve Weinrauch
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COVID-19 Pet Health Update by Dr. Steve Weinrauch

Read on to learn more about COVID-19 Pet Health updates from Trupanion.

As new information emerges about COVID-19 and how it may affect animals and companion pets, we’re here to help you stay up to date on everything pet health. You may have read in the news about cats or tigers becoming infected with the disease. Fortunately, our very own Chief Veterinary Officer and founder of the COVID Council for Animal Health, Steve Weinrauch BVMS, MRCVS, is here to give us an update.

Your COVID questions answered

Dr. Steve shares his knowledge on three key questions that are on pet owners’ minds right now.

1. Is it necessary to test pets for COVID-19? Is there any fear that it may be transferable between humans and pets? 

At this point, testing of pets is not generally recommended. Of course, we are still learning about this disease, but we have no evidence that it has ever spread from pet to person. In fact, in every case where the origin of the infection is known, the person gave it to their pet, not vice versa. 

2. How harmful is the disease to pets?

No pets have become seriously ill from COVID-19. You may have heard about the two cats in New York—they have mild signs. There is also one case of a cat in Belgium that recovered in just over a week. 

3. Will we possibly see more pets diagnosed with the virus? 

As testing becomes more available for people and pets, more positive cases may be detected. However, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Infected pets acquired the infection from a human
  • Infected pets are rare
  • Illnesses in pets is either mild or non-existent
  • Shedding of the virus by pets appears to be of short duration
  • There is no evidence that an infected pet can infect a person.

Why we’re here

Please remember, Trupanion is here to provide comfort in times of uncertainty.

If you are already a Trupanion member, know that we’ll be here for you through this confusing and worrisome time. If you have not yet joined us and you are concerned about what the future might hold, now is the time to prepare yourself and your pet for the unexpected.

Watch a quick message from Dr. Steve here:

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