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Essential Care for Greyhound Puppy Ellie Mae

Read on to learn more about the essential care that Greyhound puppy Ellie Mae was able to receive.

I am a Certified Veterinary Technician at Litchfield Veterinary Hospital in Connecticut. Over the summer, I adopted Ellie Mae, a 12-week-old greyhound puppy. 

She was a tripod after experiencing a traumatic injury when she was only 6 weeks old. She’s a very active and exuberant puppy who never stops playing and moving.

About a month after her adoption, when she was 16 weeks old, she was playing with another puppy and turned up very painful and lame on her front right leg.

The next day, her toe was also visually swollen and she would not let me examine it. I brought her into the hospital immediately for radiographs and discovered she had a broken toe.

We opted to splint and bandage the leg due to her increased level of activity (and the shifting pressure on her legs due to being a tripod). With a splint, she needed to receive weekly bandage changes and repeat radiographs during the healing process. She also needed blood work for her continued anti-inflammation use.

After 6 weeks of weekly bandage changes, lots of peanut butter, and strict puppy rest, Ellie Mae was back to her happy self—with no bandage and a healed toe!

The care she received at Litchfield Veterinary Hospital was not only exceptional medicine, but the experience was also upbeat and fear free. Ellie Mae still loves to come in, be spoiled with peanut butter, and to visit all of her ‘aunties!’

It was a huge relief to not have to choose a treatment that would be better for my wallet, versus a treatment that would be better for Ellie Mae.

Ellie’s total bill for her broken toe was $1,087.60 and Trupanion paid $948.63. I always recommend Trupanion to my friends and family. It’s truly a no-brainer.

-Nicole C.

Ellie May: Greyhound puppy

  • Goshen, Connecticut
  • Date enrolled: September 2019
  • Conditions: Broken toe
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $948.63

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