The Benefits of Having Pets: Wellness for the Entire Family
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The Benefits of Having Pets: Wellness for the Entire Family

Read on to learn more about the benefits of having pets.

In times of uncertainty, you want to be around those that you love. And for many that may include your furry family members. Humans and pets alike can find comfort in companionship with one another. In fact, the benefits of having pets may impact you more than you may know. To learn more about these benefits, we sat down with Trupanion veterinarian Dr. Caroline Wilde to learn more about the benefits of having pets and the importance of the human-pet bond.

The benefits of having pets: they may help your overall well-being

The benefits of having pets: they may help you health.

It’s no surprise that when you see a puppy or a kitten you smile. Pets have the ability to bring us happiness just by being themselves. Also, pets may help with your physical health. According to the CDC, “pets can help decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels.”

Alternatively, there is a connection between your physical health and mental health. In times of stress, it may be helpful to move and stretch your legs with your furry friend.

In fact, physical activity provides mental, physical and emotional stimulation for your best friend. Consider taking a walk or tossing the ball with your pet. “Dogs motivate pet owners to get outside and become more active. It’s important though to remember to respect social distancing when you’re on a walk outside,” says Wilde. After all, your puppy would love the interaction!

The importance of the human-pet bond during a crisis

The benefits of helping pets: the human-pet bond may help alleviate stress and anxiety during a crisis.

More than ever, you may want a connection. And with home quarantine in full effect, you might not have the chance to interact daily with others. Fortunately, your pet may make a great best friend.

Wilde points out the benefits of pet friendship during a pandemic:

“In this time where you have to self-isolate, pets can help provide companionship and ease loneliness. Also, creating a routine can help provide a sense of normalcy and control when you may not be able to achieve that right now. Having a pet may provide stress relief for pet owners.”

In essence, you’re not alone when you have a pet by your side. They support and love unconditionally. If you don’t have a pet, consider becoming a foster to a dog or cat. Fostering allows you to care and bond with an animal, while also helping your local animal shelter.

The impact of animal companionship

Pets make great animal companions. They’re supportive, caring and are always ready to cuddle or play. The bond is unique between pets and pet owners.

Wilde breaks down the impact of the relationship and the lasting effects it can have on anyone.

“Human and pet interaction may reduce anxiety and depression. Also, interaction with your pets can help ease or distract from stressful thoughts or anxiety. Playing with pets may help provide activity and mental stimulation for both the pet and pet owner.”

The benefits of having pets: a best friend for life!

The benefits of having pets may help you every day

As you start to navigate this new normal, just know that you’re not alone. Your pets are happy you’re home more often and are ready to keep you company. There is nothing like the love and support of your pets, and the benefit of their friendship is limitless.

What impact has your pets made on your life?

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