Working at Trupanion|A Day in the Life on the Trupanion Group Benefits Team
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Working at Trupanion|A Day in the Life on the Trupanion Group Benefits Team

Read on to learn more about the Trupanion Group Benefits team and the impact the team members are making in the community.
Alethea and Kostyl

Nothing brings us more joy than helping cats and dogs get the medical care they need. This rings especially true for the members of the Trupanion group benefits team. In this installment of our Working at Trupanion series, we sat down with Trupanion group benefits account manager Alethea Martin for a closer look at the impact of medical insurance for service dogs and their handlers.

A day in the life of a Trupanion group benefits account manager

What is your role at Trupanion?

 Group benefits account manager.

How did your career begin at Trupanion?

 I had just moved to Seattle and found an advertisement for a data assistant job. I applied on a whim, thinking it sounded too good to be true. Now my 4 year anniversary with the company is in a few days!

What do you love most about your role?

 My favorite part of my role is being able to help the organizations that provide service dogs. Trupanion helps these programs to budget more efficiently for veterinary care and, in turn, to free up more funding to train more dogs.

Being a handler myself, I understand not only how essential these dogs are to the life of their person, but also the difference between the number of dogs available and the number that are needed.

  So, not only does my work provide peace of mind to individual handlers, but it also helps close that gap and give other people the independence I’ve experienced thanks to my service dog, Kostyl.

What’s it like to work on the group benefits team?

Absolutely amazing. For one thing, to have coworkers who are willing and happy to find ways to support each other in achieving our best is unreal. From finding accessible solutions to advocating for me on work trips with service dog etiquette, I know that I’m supported, valued, and can give my best back to the team and our members.

What’s a typical day like on the group benefits team?

Every day is different. We’re constantly innovating, expanding, finding new opportunities and solutions. A few constants are answering questions via phone or email and making updates to accounts. Also, there’s always a new process in the works or some way to provide a better experience to our members. The team is always working so hard, so it’s easy to stay motivated and excited about the work we do.

What is the favorite part of your day?

Is it incredibly lame to say checking my email? It’s a chance to take a few minutes with my morning coffee, get a feel for who I’ll be working with, and how I can make the biggest impact that day.

What do you value most about the work that you do in your role?

 I value the peace of mind that I know I’m providing to the members; specifically with accounts for working animals because I know that when one of these animals is sick or injured it can be incredibly scary. To know they’re getting the best care helps give a little bit of ease.

Where do you see yourself next – what is your dream role at Trupanion?

  Since I started at Trupanion, I’ve been talking to everyone about how essential our product is to people with assistance animals. Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to coordinate resources and provide a handler’s insight on a variety of situations across multiple departments.

  I am passionate about continuing to expand Trupanion’s work to help support the assistance animal community.

When I found out about what the group benefits team does, I was so excited because I knew it was the next right step towards making sure every service dog team has the peace of mind and financial freedom that insurance provides.

In my current role, I’m starting to do exactly that by supporting accounts that help provide assistance animals. I think that the group benefits team is the best place to continue to help our impact on that community.

Trupanion group benefits team member: a role to be inspired and make an impact for all members

We want all cats and dogs to get the medical care they need. Further, we love helping bring our members, handlers, and service animal community peace of mind every day.

Thank you Alethea for sharing your Trupanion team member experience!

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