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White Pit Bull Lola Insured for the Unexpected

Read on to learn more about White Pit Bull Lola's story.

I want everyone to hear Lola’s story because it has such a happy ending.

I adopted her when she was 16-months-old. Being a white pit bull, I anticipated Lola having skin issues living in the Las Vegas sun, so I purchased insurance with Trupanion.

Within three months, she ruptured her left knee. The caring vets, Dr. Hagstette and Dr. Holsendolph, at Camino Al Norte Animal Hospital, referred us to the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center for her surgery.

Within one year, she ruptured her other knee and she went to surgery again.

Trupanion has paid us nearly $5,800 for the surgeries and aftercare. This left us paying less than $600. The moral of Lola’s story is to be insured for the unexpected and not wait until an emergency happens.

I have recommended Trupanion to my friends and family and would urge anyone reading this testimonial to inquire about the benefits of insurance.

Trupanion has not only allowed Lola to thrive, but has given my family financial peace of mind.

-Nancy R

Lola: White Pit Bull

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Date enrolled: August 2018
  • Conditions: Ruptured knees
  • The Trupanion Policy paid: $5,742.50

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