A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Working from Home with Cats
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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Working from Home with Cats

Read on to learn more about what it's like working from home with cats from the Trupanion team.

Working from home with your cats may add a new level of fun to your workday. From reminding you to take breaks to crashing your virtual meetings, your feline friends may give you a new reason to love remote work life. Fortunately, cohabiting with cat co-workers has given our team members a new view of working at home. Read on to learn more about how working from home with cats may help rejuvenate and inspire your day.

Working from home with cats and how they can impact your day

Working from home with cats is a fun way to work and interact with your furry friends.
Mara Jade supervising while on the clock.


Everyone could use some motivation throughout the workday, and it turns out your cat may help you in all different aspects of your day. From start to finish, Mara Jade is here to help her owner throughout the day.

“Mara Jade inspires me by reminding me to still have fun with my workday!

It’s been a little tough adjusting to working from home for me, so when I see her playing with some of her toys, I take a minute to play with her laser pointer or feather wand.  

Also, she’s the greatest co-worker because I can work with her cuddled up on my lap. And she doesn’t judge me when I eat cereal out of the box in the morning.

If you’re not used to working from home, I would just say to enjoy your extra time with your cats. I’m sure they are enjoying the time with us (and will also be happy when they get the place back to themselves!)” – Angela, Trupanion team member


Working from home with cats is adventurous! you constantly may have someone at your desk, around your desk, or on your desk.

Your daily inspiration may come in the form of a furry friend. Working from home with your cats gives you the chance to stop, play and appreciate your animal companions. Sylvia Mae and Captain Steve Rogers are quite the duo for this Trupanion team member.

“Working from home with my two cats, Sylvie Mae and Captain Steve Rogers, has been a blessing!

I’ve always been a cat mom who feels guilty for not spending enough time with my cats. While I like being around pets when I’m in the office, I love that I can now turn to my own two pets for their companionship when I need a pick-me-up and a good snuggle.

Normally they’re not allowed on the kitchen table; however, now that it’s my computer desk, Captain likes to creep around behind my monitors and poke his head through at me and then sunbathe on the table behind my setup.

Sylvie pays me a visit twice a day and has become shameless about being on the table, often sharing my webcam for afternoon meetings. Sylvie is my heart and soul so this is my purr-fect work life!

Sylvie Mae is ready to support and love her owner anyway she can.

Something I’ve noticed about working from home with my cats full- time is that they’re accustomed to it now and pay less attention to me throughout the day than they normally would. On one hand, I wish I got more attention, but I can still get some work done. Being at home with my kittens has allowed me to be more effective in my work. Also, they bring me comfort when things feel out of control and that helps keep me calm and helps me to re-focus. ” – Kristina, Trupanion team member

Supportive best friend

Working home with cats is adorable if you have a kitten to care for all day!
Korben Dallas

Everyone could use some support throughout their day. And sometimes that support is found in your furry friend. Whether Korben is playing or sleeping, he finds a way to motivate and inspire those around him.

“Workday or not, Korben gives me a reason to wake up in the morning. I feel like cats enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and Korben reminds me to not take myself too seriously. Also, coming from someone who is always anxious, it’s an important thing for me to remember. His cheerful disposition and shenanigans always make me laugh! And alternatively, his laziness reminds me that I should take the time to rest and take care of myself.” – Miyuki, Trupanion team member

Tips for working from home with your cats

If you’re new to working from home, you may need to re-work your space for your furry friends. Check out these tips from our team members.

Consider the following:

  • Set up a cozy cat bed under your desk.
  • Stay on a routine feeding schedule to avoid overfeeding.
  • Set up a cat space near you with items they enjoy, like toys or cat-friendly furniture.                                                              
  • Laugh it off! If a cat pops up in your next conference call, just go with it.                                                             
  • Have fun. Take the time to interact and play with your cat.
  • Get creative and make your own DIY homemade cat toys.
Working from home with cats may be a comforting experience when you're surrounded by your furry family members.

Enjoy your workday surrounded by your cats

Whether you’re in a meeting or working on an email, chances are your cat may keep you company. Naturally, all cats are different. Some kittens and adult cats may want to be next to you all day, while others admire from afar. But, regardless of your cat co-worker’s collaboration time, working from home with your cats gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by your best friend. And that makes for a great workday!

Thank you to our Trupanion team members for sharing your stories with us!

How do you share your workspace with your cat?

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