Benny the Golden Retriever is Thankful for Dog Insurance
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Benny the Golden Retriever is Thankful for Dog Insurance

Read on to learn more about why this pet owner is grateful for their dog insurance for their Golden Retriever Benny.

We adopted Benny, my darling Golden Retriever, 12 years ago at 8 weeks old. I didn’t think it would be necessary to get pet insurance for him because he was so young and healthy. Boy, am I glad I did!

After the hot spots and getting into the garbage came the biggie, when he was 7. He was horsing around with our other dog, and there went his cranial cruciate ligament (CCL)!

His TPLO surgery was tough, but thanks to Trupanion for picking up 90% of the eligible expenses on his bill, everything went smoothly.

More hot spots appeared throughout the years, which Trupanion helped pay for. Then, all of a sudden, he became extremely thirsty and started urinating in the house, which he hasn’t done since he was a pup. I took him to the vet and sure enough, he was diagnosed with Diabetes in January 2016.

By March 2016, he was completely blind. Cataracts developed in both his eyes right away – oh, the nightmare. I couldn’t let him go without seeing the rest of his life, so we went ahead with the cataract surgery, which was around $7,000.

Of course, Trupanion paid for part of it and Benny was able to see perfectly immediately after surgery! Yay, Benny!

I thought that would be it for Benny, after having been through so much already in his short life. But no, cancer hit him. It was in his neck, attached to his jugular! We removed the sarcoma, which was the size of a football. Poor Benny recovered great for this as well, even though he was 11 by then.

At the end of the day, I still would have paid for all his surgeries out of my own pocket. I would have gotten a second mortgage if I had too. He’s our baby and always will be.

I am thankful that Trupanion has helped us go through all the heartaches. I am hopeful that he will live many more lives.

-Brigitte C.


  • Breslau, ON, Canada
  • Date enrolled: September 2007
  • Conditions: Torn CCL, Diabetes, Sarcoma, Cataract surgery
  • The Trupanion Policy paid: $19, 492.35

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