Why You Need Insurance for Your Pets for their Lifetime
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Why You Need Insurance for Your Pets for their Lifetime

Read on to learn more about the benefits of insurance for your pets.

Your new furry family member has finally joined your family. Naturally, there’s a lot to consider when you bring a new pet home. In fact, kittens and puppies are sometimes unpredictable and you never know what may happen. So, the last thing you want is the stress of a sick pet and an unexpected trip to the veterinarian. Fortunately, with medical insurance for your pets, you can rest easy and help give your pet the best medical care when they need it most. Read on to learn more about how medical insurance for pets with a Trupanion policy is here for you and your pets throughout their lifetime.

Discover why you need insurance for your pets from birth to senior

Read on to learn more about how insurance for your pets is important through out their lifetime.

A pet subscription like no other

You want convenience, but you also want something you can count on. With medical insurance for your pets, you can get the perk of a monthly subscription and the commitment of medical care coverage throughout your pet’s lifetime. No hassle or annual limits – just a subscription that’s here for your pet’s needs as they age.

Unlimited payouts

If you have a large veterinary bill, you don’t want to stress about unexpected out-of-pocket costs. Fortunately, with a Trupanion policy, you can get the help you need when it comes to budgeting for your pet’s medical care. From diagnostics, surgeries, and specialty care you can rest easy with unlimited payouts on eligible claims, so you can focus on your best friend instead of your wallet.

We want to work with your veterinarian

The expertise and guidance of your veterinarian is a trusted source when it comes to your pets. Most importantly, your pets are family and you need to be able to take them where you see fit. Whether your pet needs help with an illness or injury, our medical insurance for your pet may help you get the medical care they need.

Easy online claims submission

You want accessibility. When you become a Trupanion member, you have the ability to track your claims submissions on your member portal. In addition, if you have questions, a pet-loving specialist is available to help you 24/7. With the click of a button, you can access everything from policy documents to updating your billing whenever you need it.  

The ability to pay your veterinarian directly

When you need to seek medical care for your puppy or kitten, you want to be able to say “yes” despite finances. An unexpected trip to the veterinarian may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Luckily, with the help of our unique software, we have the ability to pay your veterinarian directly within seconds at checkout. So you can focus on your pet getting better instead of your finances. To find out more if your veterinarian has our software, click here.

Discover how insurance for your pets can impact their life from birth to senior.

Insurance for your pets: medical coverage throughout their lifetime

As your pet grows, you want something you can count on throughout their life. With the help of medical insurance for pets, you don’t have to limit your pet’s medical care. Consider how a Trupanion policy can help your pet from birth to their senior years.

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