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Eight Star Wars Dog Names for Your Best Friend

Read on to learn more about the out-of-this world Star Wars dog names for your new furry friend.

Whether you have a mischievous puppy or rebellious adult dog, a galaxy far far away may be a great inspiration for your new furry friend’s name. In fact, we searched high and low to see how many rebels or Jedi’s were in the Trupanion database, and the names were quite easy to find. Read on to learn more about the Star Wars dog names that may benefit your new puppy from the resistance to the first order.

Star Wars dog names for your new pet

Discover some fun Star Wars dog names for your new puppy.

1. Finn

Dogs make great animal companions. They often are loyal, devoted, and always ready to help. A galactic stormtrooper in the Star Wars universe has the same name, so it’s no surprise that Finn tops the list. In fact, with 2,883 Trupanion dogs named Finn, it’s a great option for your best friend.

2. Yoda

A new puppy makes a great sidekick, so why not consider Yoda for their new name? With 473 Trupanion dogs and puppies named Yoda, we certainly think there is nothing cuter than this puppy name.

3. Chewbacca

If your furry friend is the ultimate co-pilot, consider the name Chewbacca. With 435 Trupanion dogs named Chewbacca, you’ll always have a best friend by your side.

4. Kylo

If you have a smart dog that may walk the line with the dark side, the name Kylo may be a good option. With 305 Trupanion dogs named Kylo, it certainly makes a powerful name choice for the furry friend in your life.

5. Rey

Naturally, your new puppy may like to scavenge and be mischievous around your home, then you may have a Rey! With 224 Trupanion dogs named Rey, we certainly think they make an impactful and valuable furry family member.

6. Jedi

Your family dog may be the wise and thoughtful peacekeeper in your household if so consider the name Jedi. With 128 Trupanion dogs named Jedi, they’re sure to protect and keep you happy every day.

7. Princess Leia

A feisty princess may be the perfect name for your new family pet. With 77 Trupanion dogs named Princess Leia, an inspirational furry family member should have a fearless and royal title.

8. Lando

Your new puppy may be quite the adventurer, especially as they grow and develop. And the name Lando is a great Star Wars dog name to consider for your furry friend. With 64 Trupanion dogs named Lando, it may be a unique and memorable name for your new pet.

A Star Wars dog name is a great option for your new growing puppy to adult dog.

The rise of Star Wars dog names: an infinite amount of options for your pets

Whether you have a co-pilot, adventurer, or leader in your family, each pet may benefit from a personalized Star Wars pet name. From the Rebels to the Jedi’s and everything in between, we guarantee their name will be out-of-this-world! A special shout-out to the Shi Tzu named R2-D2 and Yorkshire Terrier named Jannah.

What is your favorite Star Wars dog name?

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