Trupanion Helped Leo Get the Best Medical Care Possible
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Trupanion Helped Leo Get the Best Medical Care Possible

Discover How Trupanion insurance helped Leo get the best medical care.

I got Leo as a nine-week old puppy. Last May, on a crisp sunny day, we took him to his scheduled dental cleaning. He had been lethargic for two days, which was unusual behavior after playing around all weekend.

During the pre-dental examination, the vet noticed that Leo had vomited and was not drinking any water. Upon further check, they informed us that he was suffering from acute kidney failure and that he needed to be rushed to the ER as soon as possible.

This was the start of an expensive, lengthy period of treatments (and many dialysis sessions at multiple Blue Pearl Hospital locations).

 But a constant positive has been Trupanion pre-approving all of Leo’s treatments and ensuring that he would have access to the best treatment possible. Trupanion has also previously paid for Leo’s TPLO surgery.

Having Trupanion insurance for Leo has helped us get the best care for Leo, from the best doctors in the field. Leo is now back at home and living his life to the fullest again.

-Subba K.


  • New York, New York
  • Date enrolled: July 2014
  • Conditions: Liver disease, Kidney disease, Cranial cruciate ligament rupture
  • The Trupanion Policy paid: 124,651.06

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