Something Sweet Is Coming—June 18 Is Veterinary Appreciation Day
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Something Sweet Is Coming—June 18 Is Veterinary Appreciation Day

Discover more about Veterinary Appreciation Day.

We love the veterinary community

June 18 is special around here. It’s a day that’s been noted, starred, and repeatedly circled on all our calendars since 2015. It’s an entire day dedicated to celebrating veterinary professionals—from the front desk to the exam room—and acknowledging the incredible work they do. We admire them for a number of reasons, but at the top of the list is their compassion, dedication, and undeniable drive. They’re the ultimate problem solvers, the ones who welcome a challenge: big or small. And they’re a driving force when it comes to the well-being of our pets, helping them live long, happy lives. This year, during a time with increased challenges, we hope you’ll join us in thanking the veterinary heroes in your life by posting a little #veterinarylove.

How to join in

In honor of Veterinary Appreciation Day™ on June 18, we’re inviting you to celebrate your local veterinary hospital and thank them for all they do to keep your pet healthy. Here’s how you can join us:

  1. Post a video to Twitter or Instagram of you saying “thank you.” (You can take this video inside, outside, or with your furry friend—we’ll leave that up to you!)
  2. If videos aren’t your thing, simply post a photo of your pet with a caption offering thanks.
  3. Be sure to tag @Trupanion and include the hashtag #veterinarylove in the caption, along with the name of your veterinary hospital or its social handle.

It’s as simple as that! Here’s a sneak peek of some of the entries.

Learn more about Veterinary Appreciation Day and how we're celebrating our medical professionals.

We’re adding a sweet touch

Veterinary professionals deserve treats too—now more than ever. Along with their normal day-to-day responsibilities, they’ve added new safety protocols to help keep families just like yours safe in this uncertain time. So, to make this holiday even sweeter, we’ll select one post each day and send a dozen Collettey’s cookies to the veterinary hospital that’s mentioned in the caption.

Veterinarian supported

Our company was founded with the support and input of veterinarians. And today, they’re still at the core of our business. We regularly consult with our staff veterinarians, relying on their expertise in the field when reviewing claims. We also partner with MightyVet™, an organization dedicated to supporting mental health and shedding light on the struggles and opportunities that come with such an impactful job.

A look back at Veterinary Appreciation Day

Trupanion created Veterinary Appreciation Day™ five years ago in 2015. Each year has been a little different—like in 2018 when we invited you to make homemade cards and self-care kits for your local veterinary teams. And in 2019, when we broadcasted all your #VeterinaryLove tweets and Instagram posts live in Times Square on the NASDAQ tower.

How will you celebrate your veterinary love on Veterinary Appreciation Day?

The world joins in on Veterinary Appreciation Day

To be fully transparent, we tend to celebrate the veterinary community every day around here. June 18 just happens to have a little more oomph because on this day, the whole world joins in. We hope you will too!

Learn more about Veterinary Appreciation Day and how you can participate.

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