How We Celebrate Pride Month at Trupanion Remotely
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How We Celebrate Pride Month at Trupanion Remotely

Discover how we celebrate Pride Month at Trupanion remotely.

Pride month is a chance to celebrate acceptance, love, diversity, and continue to fight for equality for all. Here at Trupanion, we believe in the chance for all our team members to be able to express their true selves every day.  It’s a part of our culture and as we navigate working remotely, there’s also an opportunity to learn and grow during this transitional period. Although Pride is a part of who we are, this year we transitioned to celebrating in a different way, both because of the current pandemic and also because of the Black Lives Matter movement. We sat down with Amy Kirsch, the founder of our employee resource group TruPride to learn more about how we’re here to help recognize and support our intersectional allies.

Here at Trupanion: how we celebrate Pride month 2020

Read on to learn more about how we celebrate Pride month at Trupanion remotely.

What is TruPride?

We embrace what Pride stands for and welcome it as a part of our company culture. In fact, TruPride was founded as an additional resource for LGBTQIA+ team members and allies. TruPride is a group of Trupanion team members who are either a part of the LGBTQIA+ community or an ally of this community.

Kirsch dives in on the reason behind the inspiration.

“I created TruPride not just to be a support system for our community already in place, but also for our new team members to know immediately there is a safe space for them.”

If a team member is given the chance to be themselves, they will be able to lead, collaborate, and work more effectively. Further, a safe and trusting workplace is essential for the wellness of our team members and the community.

This month, TruPride focused on providing education and resources to support Black Trans folks and Queer people of color, as Pride would not exist without them.

The origin and history of Stonewall

As the community marches and riots for their voices to be heard, did you know Pride started from riots? In fact, the LGBTQIA+ community would not be where it is today without the work of queer and trans rights people of color leading the historic movement. To learn more about the history and events that led up to Stonewall, read here.

What is TruLOVE?

Our team members need to feel understood and heard and given the chance to be themselves. Also, TruPride is just one of the resources available to our team members. Another employee resource group at Trupanion is TruLOVE. The LOVE in TruLOVE stands for Leadership of Various Ethnicities in Trupanion and is a resource group for people of color and allies of people for color. For instance, this team member organization was created to help maintain a culture of respect and diversity at Trupanion and within our community.


The recent events and call for civil justice have left us remembering the importance of Juneteenth.

” We stand in solidarity with our Black and trans community. As allies in this intersectional community, we honor and look back on this historic date in history,” says Trupanion Content Manager, Acting Leader of TruLOVE Marissa Villegas.

Also, in honor of Juneteenth, Trupanion allowed team members to take off this day as a holiday.

For more resources, check out this monumental holiday in history.

Staying connected

Throughout these uncertain times, it’s important to keep communication open while working remotely. From virtual meetings to happy hours, these resource groups are here to help support and listen to the concerns of our team members. As a remote culture, we’re pivoted to taking these conversations online and providing a safe and open space for our team members.


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can help support the Black and Trans community, consider the following sources below:

We celebrate Pride Month by providing awareness and support to our community.

A chance for all to come together to learn, grow, and support one another

As an organization, we’re always looking at our team members to help shape and influence our company. This Pride we continue to educate, empower, support and advocate for our team members and those within our community.

How do you plan to celebrate PRIDE month?

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