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Five Tips for Fostering a Kitten

Read on to learn more about fostering a kitten with these five tips.

Fostering a kitten can be a truly rewarding experience!

Not only are you assisting the animal rescue system by freeing up available space in a physical shelter, but also you play an integral role in helping sweet furry friends get adopted.

Sometimes kittens (and grown cats too) need time to become acclimated to being around other pets and people.

Fostering can help provide an ideal environment, while allowing animal rescues to get a better idea of the personality of each cat to place them in the best forever home possible.

Whether you’re new to fostering or have an interest in becoming involved, check out these five tips for fostering a kitten.

Five tips for fostering a kitten

Discover how these five tips can help with fostering a kitten.

1.Make the environment comfortable and safe

Every foster program has different requirements for anyone involved in their fostering programs, so check with them when signing up to foster. In many cases, animal rescues may provide you with many of the supplies that you’ll need. Having a clean and safe room is a perfect place to start.

It’s a great idea to make sure this room is easy to clean, especially the floor, in case of spills and messes.

Make sure the area is safe and warm by utilizing blankets and different heating sources like a heating pad. Consider keeping the area temperature controlled, so they can maintain their body temperature.

You’ll also want to make sure their space is safe and confined to keep them healthy, so be sure to clean the area daily and remove any unsafe items from their area.

For example, items to be cautious of may include anything they could potentially fall off of, get stuck in, or cause a choking hazard.

2. Monitor their health

Kittens are very fragile so it’s important to monitor their health and wellbeing while they’re in your care.

Make sure to coordinate with your animal rescue program to ensure that your foster friends are getting to all of their veterinary appointments as scheduled.

Keep track of their health and growth by keeping a journal of their weight progress, eating habits, and general health.

As kittens can be particularly susceptible to illnesses, it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of sickness, weight loss, or breathing trouble and to keep them inside to protect their immune systems.

3. Work on setting up a schedule

It’s important to help your foster kittens by setting up a schedule. There are many resources to help with this and to help you find a system that works best for you. Your rescue organization can definitely point you in the right direction.

While it depends on the age of your fosters, generally every few hours you should be feeding them, creating comfortable areas for them to safely snooze, and stimulating them or playing with them.

It’s also important to get them used to a litter box once they’re three weeks old.

4. Keep kittens entertained and engaged

Once your kittens are moving around, it’s important to keep them entertained and engaged!

Play is important for their development, and toys can be a great distraction to stop them from getting into the wrong things and can help encourage curiosity and exercise.

Playtime can help with socialization, excess energy, and provides necessary stimulation to your kittens’ development, but make sure to always supervise their play.

Consider helping them to learn with the appropriate toys and keep them entertained with variety. Here is a great place to get started! 

5. Socialization and love

Perhaps most importantly, your foster kittens need love and attention from you.

Socializing, petting, and cuddling can help kittens adjust to being around people while encouraging them to explore new situations and environments.

Also, this may help them gain more confidence. It’s important to always let kittens go at their own pace, especially with kittens from more feral situations.

Providing items like cat trees and toys are a great way to provide enrichment while fostering a kitten.

Fostering a kitten is a way to give back to your community

Fostering a kitten may help you learn and grow alongside your new furry friend. But with your love, they’ll be able to enjoy their time with you and build strong foundations for success in a new home.

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