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Why We Celebrate Veterinary Appreciation Day 2020

Read on to learn more about why we celebrate veterinary appreciation day.

Today we celebrate the veterinary heroes of Veterinary Appreciation Day™. The veterinary professionals in our community love our pets like family. They work tirelessly every day to give extraordinary medical care to our pets.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the veterinarians and medical staff were there and continue to be there on the frontlines ready to help our dogs and cats get the medical care they need.  

We founded Veterinary Appreciation Day™ to celebrate the veterinarians and medical staff for their hard work and dedication to our furry friends. Read on to learn more about how you can share your thoughts and thanks on this veterinary holiday.

We celebrate the veterinary community on Veterinary Appreciation Day

Veterinary Appreciation Day

Our company was founded and supported by veterinarians right from the start.

In fact, we founded Veterinary Appreciation Day ™ in 2015 as a way to celebrate and honor the hard-working individuals within the veterinary community.

From the waiting room to the exam room door, we have celebrated these hard-working individuals year after year.

Whether we’re gifting homemade cards and self-care kits or sharing #VeterinaryLove tweets and photos live on the #NASDAQ tower, we give thanks for those who work so hard.

Veterinary heroes

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the veterinarians and veterinary medical staff have been on the frontlines ready to help any pet that needs medical care.

Also, these essential workers work days, nights, and weekends to give comfort and care to all our beloved pets.

In times of uncertainty, the veterinarians and medical staff were there to help your pets by offering everything from safe conditions to curbside service and check-in.

Most of all, they’re the problem-solvers, change-makers, and dreamers giving their all to make sure all cats and dogs get the veterinary care they need.

Share your thanks

A small gesture can make quite an impact on your veterinary clinic.

Also, sharing your gratitude is just one way to say thank you to the veterinary medical staff for all that they do.

For this reason, we asked you to share your thoughts, stories, and photos for the veterinarians and veterinary community with the #VeterinaryLove on social media.

Share your thanks and gratitude this Veterinary Appreciation Day to the veterinary team in your community.

Veterinary Appreciation Day: we commend our veterinary professionals for all they do

We thank our veterinarians and medical staff for everything that they do for our pets. On this day around the globe, we celebrate all veterinary medical teams for helping our pets live long and healthy lives.

Learn more about the impact of  #VeterinaryLove

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