Fireworks and Pets: How to Keep Your Best Friend’s Safe
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Fireworks and Pets: How to Keep Your Best Friend’s Safe

Discover more information about fireworks and pets and how to help keep your furry friend safe this season.

The 4th of July holiday may look a bit different this year. While you continue to social distance and stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, many cities have canceled holiday celebrations for the safety of the community. Although you may opt to take the celebration indoors, the health and safety of your pets is still a top priority. Fireworks and loud noises may cause your dog or cat stress and anxiety. Naturally, you want your furry friends to have the chance to relax and enjoy everything the holiday has to offer. Read on to learn more about fireworks and pets and tips to help keep them safe this summer.

What you need to know about fireworks and pets during a pandemic

Discover five tips on how to help ease anxiety with fireworks and pets.

Celebrate the holiday at home

Consider taking the chance to enjoy the holiday festivities in the comforts of your own home. Also, spending some time indoors may help keep your pets calm.

Naturally, nothing is better than the friendship of your furry family member. Fortunately, the entire family may benefit from the comfort of your pets.

Provide a comfortable space for your pets

Every pet may react differently to loud noises or a change in their environment. While some pets may want to curl up and cuddle, others may want to retreat.

Consider setting up a pet-friendly area where they can rest and relax. Naturally, you want your best friend to feel comfortable and safe in their space.

You may want to include some pet-safe items like blankets, pet beds, pillow, pet crate, toys, and water. In fact, a pet-friendly getaway is a great feature to incorporate into your living space year-round.

White noise

Your dog or cat may not be sure what to make of all the noise outside. You want them to feel at ease at home. Consider including white noise in the background of your pet’s space to help ease their anxiety.

For example, items like a fan, radio, or television can help block out some of the external noise and may help provide comfort to your furry friends.

Make sure your pet’s microchip is up-to-date

If you’re spending time outdoors with your furry friends, make sure that their microchip and identification tags are up-to-date.

Also, you may want to take into consideration what time of day you choose to walk your pets. This may help lessen your pet’s stress with loud noises and fireworks.

Further, be mindful to properly social distance when you’re on a walk outside.

Provide enrichment and interactive activities

Pet enrichment and interaction is a great way to bond with your pets, as well as distracting them from any stressors. Consider planning a family-friendly activity like a DIY scavenger hunt or take the chance to entertain your dog or cat with an interactive game.

In fact, interacting and playing with your puppy or kitten may help provide mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.

Further, this gives you the chance to spend more quality time with your pets and create lasting family memories for years to come.

Fireworks and pets: help keep your pet protected this holiday

The comforts of home may benefit your entire family this 4th of July.

Also, by providing enrichment, a safe and pet-friendly space, and some quality bonding time, your pet may certainly look forward to some extra time with the family.

If anything is needed this 4th of July holiday, we’re here to help you and your pets stay safe. You can reach our pet-loving specialists anytime at 888.626.0932

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