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How to Make Your Own DIY Pet Pop Art

Read on to learn more about how to create your own DIY pet pop art.

Dogs and cats have such unique personalities. Chances are, you may have quite a few photos of your best friend. Naturally, pets are special members of your family, so why not find a unique way to commemorate them in your space?

While you may be looking for new ways to stay busy at home, an art project may be a fun activity for the entire family to work on together. Fortunately, something like DIY pet pop art can help complement any shelf, bookcase, or gallery wall in any space.

In this installment of our DIY at home series, read on to learn more about how to make your own DIY pet pop art and tips to capture the perfect pet picture.

How to create your own DIY pet pop art

Learn more about how to make your own DIY pet pop art and tips to capture a fun pet photo!

Any art project may feel daunting, especially if you’ve never had the chance to create DIY pet pop art before.

But what makes this project unique, is your creativity may make the artwork turn out better. In addition, colors, shapes, sizes, and your pet’s facial expressions all play a part in the design of your project.

Also, if you have a small space, consider displaying your pet pop art on a shelf or desk. Alternatively, your pet’s photo would make quite a statement if it was featured on a large gallery wall.

Further, you can personalize the artwork based on your pet’s personality, breed, or size.

Consider the following:

  • Pick where you would like the art piece to be displayed.
  • Determine which colors you would like to use.
  • Pick out your photo. Consider a favorite photo or have a pet photo-shoot for some inspiration.
  • Check your supplies, paper, colored cardstock, printer ink, scissors, spray adhesive, and photo frame.

Fortunately, you have the chance to go at your own pace and you can always start over if you need too. Also, it gives the opportunity for the entire family to pick out their own photo to add to a larger gallery wall.

For an additional resource on how to create a pet gallery wall, check out this Apartment Therapy guide here.

Steps to make your own DIY pet pop art

We’ve got the scoop on a simple and easy way to create your own artwork in just a few steps.

According to A Beautiful Mess, a DIY pet pop art process may include these steps:

1.Cut the background from your photo.

2.Scan a copy of your photo and increase the brightness and contrast.

3.Print your photo on cardstock.

4.Print out the contrasting texture onto the cardstock.

5.Trim the image from the first printed paper.

6.Spray the back of your photo and attach it to your background.

You can add different design elements to your photos, like fabrics, buttons, or ribbon. Also, consider paint, markers, or crayon for versatile splashes of color. Further, you could even make a series of photos and display them in different areas of your home. (Or make one pet-friendly gallery wall!)

Tips to create the perfect pet picture

Dogs and cats are adorable, but sometimes it may be hard to capture the perfect moment. For example, whenever you go to snap a pic, your best friend may have moved or has stopped smiling. Consider these additional tips to help catch your pet’s adorable pose.

  • Take your time. It may take several photo sessions for your furry friend to warm up to the camera.
  • Provide some treats. The snacks may help keep your pet happy and distracted.
  • Consider your lighting. If you have the chance to take a photo in natural light, the backyard is a safe and welcoming spot to capture your dog’s beautiful smile.
  • Let your pet engage in play. You never know what fun moment you may capture on camera.
  • Take breaks. Let your puppy or kitten lead the interaction and encourage play, naps, and cuddles.
  • Have fun!
Interactive play and enrichment can be a fun way to capture your furry friend's personality.

DIY Pet pop art can be a family-friendly project to enjoy at home

Whether you have a puppy or a multi-pet household, capturing the spirit and personality of your pets in a photo is a welcomed addition to any home. By taking your time and using your creativity, it’s sure to be a fun and unique décor item for any room.

What are some of your favorite ways to create DIY pet pop art?

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