Your New Puppy Checklist: A Pet Owner Downloadable Infographic
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Your New Puppy Checklist: A Pet Owner Downloadable Infographic

Find out more on what you need to include in your new puppy checklist.

If you’re bringing home a new furry friend, you may have a lot of questions. Puppies typically require a lot of attention, gear, and love to help keep them happy and healthy. Between introducing your family, proofing your home, and getting them on a grooming schedule, there may be quite a few items you may need to check off before they’re home. Fortunately, we created a new puppy checklist to help you navigate puppyhood with ease. Read on to learn more about what to include on your new puppy checklist for a seamless transition and tips to help your new best friend.

Prepare with this new puppy checklist

Learn more about what you need to include on your new puppy checklist.

Puppy-proof your home

No pet owner wants to deal with the stress of wires, plants, or any other pet hazards when they first bring home their pet. Consider going room-by-room to determine if the space is pet-friendly.

Also, it may be helpful to create a small space that only your new puppy may retreat to when they want to relax.

After all, they’re becoming familiar with their new home, it’s a lot of stimulation. Check out this guide on how to puppy proof your home.

Prepare for socialization

Socialization is an important part of your pet’s growth and development. While it may be hard to socialize with other puppies during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still use additional resources to help your furry friend.

For example, let your puppy explore when they’re out on their daily walk. Consider taking a different dog route than your usual walk or try interacting with a new toy during playtime.

Further, different interactive toys can help provide emotional, mental, and physical stimulation for your new puppy and gives you the chance to bond with them. For more on puppy socialization, read this checklist here.

Keep your furry friend tidy and clean

The health of your puppy’s coat, skin, nails, is an important part of their overall wellness. From your puppy’s first bath to your puppy’s first haircut, you may be unsure how to manage their coat. Every puppy’s coat may be different. In fact, your daily grooming regimen may vary depending on your new pet’s breed. For more tips, consider this puppy grooming tips guide here.

If you think you’re ready to welcome home your new pet, discover which items to keep on your list below.

Learn more about what you need to include on your new puppy checklist to be prepped and ready for your furry friend!

A new puppy checklist may help you stay organized

There is so much to consider when you bring home your new pet! It’s such a fun and exciting time for your family. Puppies can be incredible companions and may make a great addition to any family. Most important of all, puppies have the ability to show us how to have fun and connect with others.

What did you include in your new puppy checklist? Tell us in the comments.

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