How to Ensure Your Pet has a Safe and Healthy Future
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How to Ensure Your Pet has a Safe and Healthy Future

Discover how to set your pet up for a safe and healthy feature with these pet planning tips.

Your furry friend is most likely one of the most important parts of your life, so it is important to find ways to ensure that they have a safe and healthy future. As a pet owner, planning for the unexpected is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your pet to protect their long-term wellbeing and give yourself peace of mind.

Pet planning for a safe and healthy future for your best friend

How do you plan for your furry friend's future? Start with pet planning.

Be diligent about routine veterinarian visits

When your pet gets hurt or is under the weather, one of the first things you probably do is take them to the veterinarian.

However, it’s important to also schedule routine checkups for your pet, even when they are not sick. Just like humans, routine care is important for your pets to ensure their long-term health and wellness and also to detect any underlying issues that you couldn’t spot on your own.

During a pet’s well visit, the veterinarian will do an oral exam which is essential to promote their overall wellness because many dogs are prone to dental issues that can cause major long-term health issues.

Additionally, you will want to ensure that your pet is up to date on their routine vaccinations to protect them from certain preventable diseases.

Furthermore, vaccinating your pet can protect other animals in your house or in your neighborhood that your pet might be in contact with.

Plan for the unexpected

Life has a way of throwing curveballs and even though you have a solid future plan in the present, there are some events that are unavoidable.

Since you are the key person in your furry friend’s life, it is important to have safeguards set in place to protect them from any unforeseen circumstances that might be thrown your way.

For example, while it is difficult to think about, there is a small possibility that your pet might outlive you. If this event were to happen, would your pet still have the same level of care that you give him or her?

If you don’t have a solid answer yet, it can be beneficial to research how your pet can be financially protected through an affordable plan if you were to unexpectedly pass away.

By planning ahead, you are allocating funds to your chosen caretaker so that they don’t have to take on a financial burden by resuming care for your pet. This would ensure that their care could be maintained the way you intended, even if you were unable to be around for them.

You will want to designate someone to act on behalf of your pet to make sure that the funds are being appropriated for medical care, food, boarding fees, and any additional expenses. This leads into the next way to plan for the unexpected— set up a pet trust.

Set up a pet trust

A pet trust is a legally binding agreement between a trustee, caretaker, and yourself to oversee the care of your pet by using a designated amount of money set aside.

A trustee has the financial responsibility of designating funds to your chosen caretaker.

While some may have their wishes laid out in a will, a pet trust is beneficial to have in addition to this because it requires immediate action and there isn’t a waiting period while your estate is in probate.

In your pet trust, you have the ability to allocate funds over a set amount of time rather than providing a lump sum.

Establish pet ownership

Discover more about how pet planning may include pet estate planning, a pet will, and medical insurance for pets.

While it may seem obvious that you own your pet, sometimes this is not as clear in a legal or technical situation when there are multiple family members who live together or both care for the pet.

For example, if you and your spouse were to ever get a divorce, who would be entitled to the pet?

Or if the pet was given as a gift from a boyfriend or girlfriend but you have now broken up, can the person who gifted the pet claim that they own them?

To avoid these sticky situations, it is best to communicate and establish one pet owner early on so ownership is set in stone if an unexpected change in your family’s structure were to occur.

Look into pet health insurance

As previously discussed, planning for the unexpected for your pet is one of the best ways to ensure they have a safe and healthy future.

As you are probably aware, medical care for pets can be costly, especially if they have an ongoing health issue, which is why pet health insurance can provide a safety net in these instances.

Remember that monthly premiums are based on the age and overall health of your pet so purchasing earlier than later can help save you money on the premiums.

Make a point to spend recreational time together

Find ways to spend more time with one another and look into pet planning to protect your pet's future.

Let’s face it, life can get busy and there are times when it feels like you are pulled in many different directions.

This is why it can be helpful to be intentional about spending time with your pet to promote their overall wellbeing, and yours as well.

Not only will you be pleasing your pet, but there are actual health benefits, such as decreased stress levels, when you spend time with your furry friend.

Whether this is scheduling a daily walk with your dog or an hour of playtime with your cat, remember that spending time with your pet is fun and enriching.

Additionally, there are online resources you can use to find places that are pet friendly so you can include them in your weekend activities or vacations.

If you feel particularly strapped for time, there are different ways to still ensure that your pet is receiving enough attention such as hiring a pet sitter or looking into doggie daycare options.

Planning for your pet helps you prepare for the future and keep your pets healthy and happy.

Pet ownership can be challenging at times but the unconditional love you get from your furry friend makes everything worth it. Take some time to plan ahead for your pet’s future to ensure that they are safe and healthy in the long run, while also giving you added peace of mind.


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