How a Trupanion Policy Helped Jeffery the Dog in the Emergency Hospital
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How a Trupanion Policy Helped Jeffery the Dog in the Emergency Hospital

Read on to learn more about how Jeffery the dog got the medical care he needed at the emergency hospital thanks to a Trupanion plan.

Jeffery has had a Trupanion policy for roughly five years now, and thankfully he hasn’t really had to use it up until recently. He had one or two trips to the veterinarian for some minor allergy issues, but other than that he’s basically only been to the vet for his annual checkups.

Anyone who has met Jeffery knows that he’s usually high energy, people-friendly, and just genuinely still very much a “puppy” despite being almost five years old.

A couple of weeks ago from out of nowhere, Jeffery just was not acting like himself for a couple of days, gradually becoming worse. He became extremely lethargic to the point that he did not want to pick his head up for treats, and was having a hard time moving around.

He was behaving like he had aged 10 years in a week, and just as a whole was acting like something was wrong. This was the OPPOSITE of his disposition, so knowing that he was insured, I took him in the next morning.

The first trip to the ER didn’t really find anything, so he was discharged and I ended up taking him back home to keep an eye on him. When he still was showing the same issues the next morning, I took him back into the veterinarian just knowing that there was something going on with him and that we needed to figure this out as soon as possible.

The second time he was admitted to the ER, he had over a 105 degree fever. The doctor let me know that they were not sure why he had the fever, however, and that they needed to run a bunch of different tests to diagnose what was happening.

They sent off a pre-approval to Trupanion (the initial one was roughly $2,500), and 15 minutes later had approval for the first round of testing and overnight care.

Multiple tests later as well as another pre-approval (this one for another $6,000) for another night in the hospital, and we finally figured out that Jeffery has a type of Meningitis. He is now on his way to recovery through a long-term dose of steroids, as well as some antibiotics to treat the infection.

The total bill from his two night stay at the hospital totaled up to just under $10,500. I ended up paying less than $1,500 out of pocket.

Most importantly, as we continue to treat and manage this condition over the next months – and potentially years – I know that I can continue to provide Jeffery with the treatment he needs in order to help return him to his typically happy-go-lucky self.

I know that without having Trupanion to help with Jeffery’s bills, this might have had a very different outcome. It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to pay those veterinary bills just from the first visit alone, not to mention all of the follow-up care that he is going to need down the road.

-Jordan K.


  • Seattle, Washington
  • Date enrolled: October 2016
  • Condition: Meningitis, Lethargy
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $11,154.58

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