I Adopted a Dog during COVID-19 (and here’s What I Learned)
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I Adopted a Dog during COVID-19 (and here’s What I Learned)

Should I adopt a dog during COVID-19? Read on to learn more about what happened when I did and what I learned.

Pets bring a special energy to the home. Whether you’re considering adopting a dog for the first time or are looking to expand your family, there may be no better time to bring home a new furry friend.

From adoption fees and COVID-19 safety guidelines, to finding the perfect shelter pet, there may be several factors to consider when you adopt a new dog.

So, when I was thinking about the idea of introducing a new pet to our family, it seemed like the ideal pet for us may be hard to find. Read on to learn more about how I adopted a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic and what I learned in the process.

What you need to know about adopting a dog during COVID-19

Read on to learn more about how I adopted a dog during COVID-19 and how Get Your Pet really helped me on my journey.

The benefits of adopting a dog

Pets can make wonderful companions. They have the ability to bring us joy, decrease our stress, and give us something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Fortunately, my pets are no exception. For example, they always know when I need a laugh, a cuddle, or a break with a game of toss. Further, they’re truly our best friends and mean so much more to our family than just being “pets”.

A family may want a pet for a variety of reasons, and no story is ever the same. Similarly, just as a family may seek a pet for different reasons, every pet is unique and may have a different journey to share.

Just like your new dog may need some basic training, you may get the chance to learn new skills alongside your furry family members.

In fact, it’s amazing how much animals can help teach us about friendship, loyalty, acceptance, and love. And if you need a new workout partner, most dogs are always excited to go for a walk.

 For an additional resource on the health benefits of walking dogs, read this guide.

Why we chose to adopt a dog during the pandemic

Trupanion Pets Salvatore and Bosch we're looking for a new furry family member.

There are a lot of unknowns or uncertainty since the pandemic has started. For example, many families have experienced abrupt change, stress, or sudden loss. And we’re all trying to navigate to the best of our abilities.

At the start of the pandemic, we suddenly lost one of our dogs. Her passing changed the dynamic of our home and affected every single member of the family. Honestly, I didn’t think we would be ready for a new pet to join our family for a very long time.

We talked about maybe getting another dog one day, but wasn’t sure if it would meet all of our family members’ individual needs. Further, her loss created this hole in our family as she truly was everyone’s best friend.

And then it dawned on us, that our beloved Spencer would want us to share our home with another furry family member. She would want us to open up our home and hearts to a new best friend. After all, she loved everyone she met.

I knew we had the time, space, and energy to dedicate to a new pet, so that’s when we turned to the website Get Your Pet.

How Get Your Pet helped me in adopting a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic

Should I adopt a dog during COVID-19? We talked about whether we had the space, time, and bandwidth to take on another dog. Also, was it safe?

I knew that when we did adopt our next dog, it would be a challenge. For example, we have multiple pets and a toddler.

While one of our dogs, Bosch is only a one year-old Border Collie/Pit-Bull mix, the other dog, Salvatore, is an older seven year-old Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix. Moreover, both dogs had a special relationship with Spencer and the seven year-old Pyrenees mix had grown up with her by his side.

Naturally, a younger kid, older dog, and young puppy is a very interesting blend of energy to match with a new pet.

This is where Get Your Pet really helped me navigate this unique situation. Firstly, the technology of Get Your Pet is unique as it matches you with pet owners, otherwise known as guardians, local to your area by zip code. There may be a number of reasons why a pet owner may have to re-home a pet including financial hardship, sickness, job loss, or even a death in the family.

In addition, one the website each pet has a unique profile and includes information with the breed, age, weight, personality, hobbies, quirks, and photos. Also, you have the chance to message the guardian and arrange a meet-up in a neutral area. This gives the new pet a chance to meet you and your family in an open and safe space, including meeting any other furry family members.

Fortunately, I got to speak with the guardian for over an hour on the phone, prior to meeting, and they told me all about the puppy’s past and I shared what we’re looking for in our next furry family member. We connected on a pet’s love and loss, and how truly impactful pets are in our lives. After the call and seeing the pet’s photo, I knew I had found our next furry family member. It was a match.

After a healthy wellness check from the veterinarian, we signed up our new dog, Joker, a two year-old American Eskimo/Spitz mix with a Trupanion policy. We may not know what the future holds, but we can rest easy knowing we have medical insurance for our new puppy.

Our new dog, Joker, is helping our family in so many ways. From playdates to happy smiles and wagging tails all around!

A new dog may help bring your family together

When you choose to adopt a dog through an animal welfare organization, you’re taking the chance to help, learn, and grow with that new pet. Naturally, it may take your dog a few days, weeks, or even months to adjust living in their new home.

Meanwhile, Get Your Pet helped provide a safe and easy way to get our new dog during the COVID-19 pandemic while meeting our family’s needs.

Further, no matter which path you choose to get your new pet, with a little patience, kindness, love, and a check-in with your veterinarian, you may be on your way to a new adventure with your best friend in tow!

Did you adopt a dog during the COVID-19 pandemic? Tell us in the comments below!

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