Children’s Books about Dogs: Ivy the Very Determined Dog
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Children’s Books about Dogs: Ivy the Very Determined Dog

Learn more about children's books about dogs must-have with Ivy the Very Determined Dog!

Reading to your pets and kids is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. If you have little ones in your home, there may be a variety of ways to introduce pets to your family. Naturally, children’s books about dogs are just one of the ways you can share encouraging stories about furry friends. In fact, your pets may have an inspiring story of their own to share with the world. Fortunately, we learned about Ivy the Frenchie and are moved by her journey. Read on to learn more about the French Bulldog Ivy the Very Determined Dog.

Meet Ivy the Very Determined Dog

Discover how pets can inspire and change out lives with our children's books about dogs pick - Ivy the Very Determined Dog.
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In the cozy coastal town of Gloucester, Ivy the French Bulldog entered the lives of Maureen and Chris Harrington.

A birthday celebration became so much more when this adorable French Bulldog puppy became a new member of their family. Naturally, there’s nothing like the love, friendship, and companionship of your furry friends.

While birthdays may be a time to celebrate your furry family members, they’re also a time to make new memories. Several years went by making memories with the Harrington family, when suddenly on her third birthday, Ivy was struck with a great challenge that motivated her and her entire family.

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Ivy’s story: what inspired the children’s book?

Learn more about Ivy's struggle and read her story with this children's books about dogs blog post.
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When it comes to your furry family members the unexpected can happen at any time. Likewise, Ivy suddenly became ill with a pet medical condition, called Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

For example, Intervertebral Disc Disease may suddenly affect your pet’s spinal cord. In the case of Ivy, it left her with nerve damage, paralyzed, and unable to use her hind legs. With the love and support of her family, veterinarian, and medical insurance for pets, Ivy was able to get the medical care they needed.

But Ivy didn’t let this stop her. Ivy becomes a story of courage and inspiration determined to not let the disease define her. Naturally, Ivy’s spirit of positivity and joy inspired this children’s book about never giving up. To learn more about this French Bulldog’s story, check out Ivy’s story here.

This children's books about dogs is a sure fire way to inspire, motivate, and bring your joy this season.
Photo credit: @ivy.the.frenchie

A children’s book about a dog who was determined not to give up

Although Ivy may have the medical condition IVDD this doesn’t stop her from living her best life. Whether playing at the beach, eating snacks, or enjoying time with her family, the joy of life certainly inspires everyone around here. For more on Ivy the Determined Dog’s journey, check out more stories here.

What children’s books about dogs have inspired your family?

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