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DIY: How to Build a Catio for Your Best Friend

Read on to learn more about how to build a catio.

There’s nothing like spending some time outdoors with your furry friends. Whether you have a kitten or an adult cat, they may want to explore the new sights, smells, and sounds of the great outdoors. Fortunately, you can help give your cat this at-home experience with a catio! If you’re up for a new DIY pet project, consider building a comfy space just for your furry family member. Read on to learn more about how to build a catio and the benefits of adding this pet-friendly feature to your space.

How to build a catio outdoor enclosure for your furry friend

Discover how to build a catio and fun outdoor enclosure space for your furry friend.

What is a catio?

From everything to cat toys, treats, and trends there may be a lot keep up as a new cat owner. So, what exactly is a catio? Naturally, a catio is an enclosed space like a screened-in patio, but for cats.

In fact, your catio may provide a safe place for your cat to play, stretch, explore, and rest surrounded by nature. Also, a catio is a great addition to any cat-friendly home.

Further, a dedicated pet space may give them a chance to destress and help curb any behavior cues. For more on behavior, check out this new kitten guide here.

How to build a catio

Just like a patio, a catio design can be personalized. Also, there are many shapes, sizes, and styles of catio’s that can either be a DIY project or bought to fit your specific size home.

Whether you have an apartment or house, there are a variety of styles that can cater to your pet’s personality. Further, depending on what style of catio you may want for your best friend, may determine the amount and type of materials for the project.

For example, the Seattle company Catio Spaces creates custom spaces including four DIY Catio plans with little expertise needed to put the kit together. Naturally, depending on what type of Catio you would like may depend on the materials needed.

Consider the following:

  • A polycarbonate roof with overhang
  • Frame with front and back
  • A wire mesh roof with trim
  • Shelf designs
  • Ground frames

Also, if you have a window that may also be a great way to create a small catio space for your cat to perch in and view the great outdoors. According to This Old House, a cat window space may only take a few days to create for your furry friend and includes this:

Steps to build a cat window space

  • Assemble tools and materials
  • Build a story stick
  • Prime and cut the parts
  • Build frames for the sides
  • Add the trim boards
  • Fasten upper crosspieces
  • Make the floor
  • Build the screen frames
  • Stretch the screens
  • Assemble the roof
  • Attach the roof
  • Unroll the roofing
  • Cut half-lap joints for the brackets
  • Build the brackets
  • Attach the brackets
  • Join the frames
  • Connect the frame to the house
  • Tip in the screened side panels
  • Screw the screens in place

Further, depending on what type of catio you create like a window perch, multiple shelves unit, or entire backyard space, your furry friend may love the chance to explore on the various levels. For example, wood, pavers, shelves, deck, and grass are just some of the various textiles you can add to your space.

Check out these Catio Cats from Catio Spaces here

What are the benefits of adding a catio space?

A catio for your pet may give them a chance to escape in a safe space. For example, they can enjoy a nap in the sun, a play session on the floor, or sit on a shelf as they watch birds. Also, a catio may help provide your cat with mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.

It may help provide them a chance to exercise with the comforts of the great outdoors. Further, you can add a variety of toys like tunnels, toy mice, and puzzle feeders. For an additional resource, read these indoor plants safe for cats guide.

Discover how a catio may help give your furry friend the chance to explore, play, roam, or rest.

Building a Catio for your furry friend may provide enrichment and stimulation

Cat enrichment can come in many forms. Whether you have a kitten, adult cat, or multi-pet household, a catio may be a wonderful option for exploration, adventure, or comfort. Naturally, there’s nothing like retreating into your own space and your furry friend will definitely appreciate it!

Have you built a catio for your furry family member? Tell us in the comments below.

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