Playful Puppy Riley Gets the Medical Care They Need
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Playful Puppy Riley Gets the Medical Care They Need

Learn more about how playful puppy Riley got the medical care they needed for multiple foreign body ingestions, thanks to a their Trupanion policy.

We’ve been bringing our fur babies to Northside Animal Hospital in Danbury, CT for decades. Last year, we lost our beloved Sheltie to cancer. The costs of his last illness were high, as we tried to do what we could to try to save him. We had never even thought about pet health insurance, which would have covered these charges.

A few months after he died, the house was so lonely without a dog. We saw a picture of Riley and fell in love with him. He’s a miniature Australian Shepherd. We decided from day one that we were going to do it right with him. We signed up for a wellness visit plan at VCA Northside.

We had checked into pet health insurance that would cover accidents and illness and found Trupanion. We were thrilled to find out that Trupanion participates directly with VCA Northside so that claims are processed before we even leave the office – no paperwork for us at all – the claims were literally reviewed and processed within minutes! Trupanion has been a lifesaver!

Riley is a sweet and playful little guy but has turned out to be a chewer like no other. Shortly after we signed up with Trupanion, he broke a canine tooth all the way to the gum line. It became infected and necrotic and our vet said he had to have surgery to remove the tooth. What was supposed to be a relatively simple surgery turned complicated as the tooth splintered into his gum and it took a few hours.

Trupanion covered the claim instantly, and at checkout, we just had to worry about our co-pay. They also instantly covered other claims that involved Riley ingesting things he should not have. Like the time he rolled a huge watermelon all the way across the kitchen floor and into a corner of the dining room where he could gnaw at it when no one was looking. Or when he snatched a corncob off the table and ran with it and we could only get half of it out of his mouth.

VCA was there for us to reassure, x-ray, and get these items out of his stomach. While Trupanion was there for us and paid the claims before we even picked Riley back up.

We’re working hard on redirecting Riley’s energy in a more positive direction and hoping he outgrows some of his bad puppy habits as he gets older. Our veterinarians at VCA Northside Animal Hospital always has great advice for us, and it’s a huge comfort knowing that we have Trupanion medical insurance.

I can’t recommend it highly enough! The cost is very reasonable, you can select your own deductible amount, and they cover just about everything.

As pet owners, once having it, there’s no way we would ever not have it again for our pets. The fact that they participate directly with VCA Northside Animal Hospital is a HUGE bonus!

-Kathi and Bill H.  


  • Brookfield, Connecticut
  • Date enrolled: June 2019
  • Conditions: Fractured tooth, Multiple foreign body ingestions
  • The Trupanion Policy Paid: $5,493.12

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